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If you want to die with any reason, why don't you stop a little bit to the those people who do not want to die but have to die such as
people died in Tsunami
people died in 9/11
people in Iraq
Soldiers in Afcanistan, Iraq
people died in whatever accident.
those people do not want to die even though they may have the same problem as you but they did die. But you still live and the problem in the world whatever you are facing, it is a common thing in the world. If you have chance to ask Bill Gates or Prince Charles, etc, they also have problems or even if you can ask the poorest people who do not have food to eat such as in Sudan, Ethiopia, they were born with problems. Your problems compares to those may be it is very tiny. It may just you face thing that you expect and you could not get it or you are so fed up about the life. You have life you must live and problem in the life is unavoidable and it is waiting to be solved. Sloving problem clevery is another thing. Just sit down relax thing that you are living by taking breath without taking breath definitely you will die no matter you want or not. Close your eyes, watching your breath, yes it is in and out now focusing on it. Air in and out call 1, in and out call 2, till 10 and restart again from 1 to 20 and redo it again till 1 to 30 and do it again by increasing it till 10 do it about 15 minutes everyday. It may help you to find the clever solution. It is somehow from buddhist mediation which I practice and I think it should be helpful for you.
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