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Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Lady Byron, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Lady Byron

    Lady Byron Well-Known Member

    :depressed: I can't believe how today turned out :badday:. Today has been one of the worst days of my life. I hate this. Does anyone know if you're allowed to move out of your parents house if you're only 16???? Like what if the situation you are in is going to permanently damage you physically, mentally, and emotionally??? Cause I need a way out of my parents house. But of course my mom said no. This is going to sound cruel but wtf, I don't care. Well, my cousin has to live with us even though we (my brothers and sister and I) were begging my mom not to bring her back. She doesn't want to send her with her dad because her dad is living with my grandma who is like 80 and has been smoking for like 60 years and been an alcholic for like 50 years. Well, she would rather my grandma not have a heart attack so she isn't gonna let my cousin live with her dad and instead she's gonna put me through committing suicide. Hmm... let's see, "I think I would rather my MOM who is 80 not have a HEART ATTACK. But it's okay if my 16 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER commits suicide by SLICING HER FUCKING THROAT!!!" :tantrum: I know that sounds really wrong and totally selfish, but my grandma already has so many things wrong with her, I mean come on, she's been smoking and drinking more than half her life. Well, my cousin isn't moving with her dad until he gets his own house. Did I forget to mention he is 35, has no job, and has a baby due in February??? By the time he does get a house, I'm going to be pretty much hollow and wasted and more of a nothing than I already am and I will be able to move out. Or by then I will already have committed suicide. And my mom won't even care. I am of course, her problem child. But my mental being is at TERRIBLY HIGH STAKES HERE!!!! I can't stand this!! I just want to drop dead. I want peace, and I guess it will never come.... :bash:
  2. TearsDropBloodTrickles

    TearsDropBloodTrickles Well-Known Member

    You know i've never liked old people. Have you tried talking to mother ? Because i dont know about america but in england, to move out at 16, you'd have to either have a lotta money and a plan, your parents have to kick you out, or you have to make a formal complaint against them. Cant you avoid your cousin and your mother ? I live with my whole family and i do a pretty good job of avoiding them, all the time. My mother said im like a mouse, who only comes out at night when everyones gone to bed. Lifes hard, but maybe a little pain now, means you have a bright future to look forward too. Just find someone you can vent too, or something, i've often spoken to my teddies. (That sounds really sad ) Sometimes you need to say stuff that you dont want anyone to hear...I dont know, just dont give up.

    Hope this helped, i doubt it... errrrrrrrrrrrgh.... Good Luck!
  4. Lady Byron

    Lady Byron Well-Known Member

    I have talked to my mom. She doesn't listen. I try to avoid my family all the time. But it's so hard. And my friend (my only friend) said I could move in with him and his mom. Since it's only the both of them and she said she wouldn't mind. But my mom said no. This is gonna sound stupid but I've yelled at trees about problems in my life and got dirty looks from my parents when I went in the house and they thought I was trying to sneak out and all this crap. I hate life.