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    Told my mum and dad everything last night, about me self harming, and about hearing things and seeing things. I was most nervous about this weekend, as I HAVE to wear a short sleeved top for work and I have cuts all over my wrists, mum rang work up for me and told them whats happened, I couldn't believe it, my supervisors are all really young and have many good friends who do my job, are they allowed to tell them stuff about my sick? I'd never be able to go into work if people knew. Also my mums booked a doctors app for me on tuesday, and I'm really nervous about it, as I find it soo hard to tell people stuff face to face I get so awkward. What should I do to help me become more confident when speaking to him? thanks for your reply if you reply xx
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    Well done for telling the truth it was very brave, i'm sure this will able you to get the help you need. Maybe you could write down everything, so if you can't get the words out or if you have trouble telling the doctor you can just hand them the note. I hope it all goes smoothly.
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    Thankyou decode, my mum suggested that but I'd feel even stupider sat there with my mam while he reads a ranting note lol! I'll get through it though I'm sure, maybe I'll have a different doctor that would be gooood.