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    I love you! You never believed me. I tried to make you see. But you gave up on me. You can never love me like I love you. I gave my whole heart to you. I gave you myself. But you took your heart away. I sit here in tears, trying to see when it wrong. I’m so fucking weak, I was never strong. My tears are flowing red. My fears haunt me at night. I love you in every way. But it hurts me this day. The thought of losing you drives me to insanity, I punched the mirror tonight, and blame it all on me. I should of fucking saw it, why didn’t I see. Love and happiness wasn’t meant for me. I know what would make you better, to know that this paper is my suicide letter.

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    I love you and think your amazing, the thought of never speaking too or seeing you again it is too much too think about. I fucked up, I got lost forgot to take care of myself and let myself fall into a spiral so deep I had no idea how to get out of it.

    For that I am sorry, you are not a liar you are amazing thoughtful kind and caring, I have smiled because of you, laughed because of you and learnt what love is because of you, for you not to believe my heart is yours, it tears and rips it in two, I messed up for that I cannot forgive myself

    I am truly sorry
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    Love and happiness wasn't for me.