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  1. cthulhu

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    the world bleeds
    i can not aid it
    my heart breaks
    for ever one that hurts
    my soul shatters
    to hear of a wound i can not mend
    your pain is mine
    for give me my rage
    at the dying of the light
    forgive me the anger i must suffer
    at the death of a beautiful soul
    the passing of a wonder of the universe
    grant me absolution for sharing my pain
    this fragile body can only contain so much
    it must be pored out at times
    in word or deed
    i am sorry

  2. That is truly beautiful, in not only sympathy, but empathy - the blessing and curse of "being in touch", walking a mile, suffering along with...

    Really magnificent words - I liked reading them several times - very moving, nearly makes me weep...

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.