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  1. Beautiful Disaster

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    I already feel so guilty for writing this. I really do not wanna waste anyone's time anymore.

    I just feel so miserable and hurt. i don't have the strength to deal with life any longer. I feel so alone, nobody understands me. And if they do, they just leave me.. Nobody wants to be friends with a mess like me.
    I'm not good enough, I'm no good at all.

    I wish i was dead. I wish i could feel nothing.. I don't wanna be here anymore
  2. total eclipse

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    You are not waisting anyones time It is your illness not you okay Don't be so hard on you. I hope you can get some help from your doctor Maybe change up your medication or get some new therapy You are sad in pain but there is a way out of it all I am there too working hard to get out of the sadness. If you ever need someone just pm me okay You are not alone now i know it hurts dam sadness but with help you can beat it.
  3. NoMoneyToPlease

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    HEY! you're worth ten of me.

    Don't put yourself down like that.