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Sorry I am posting like this.
I just don't want a certain someone who is a member here to know that I feel like this.
I want to cut. :sad:
I didn't cut for a while now. 2 months.
I wish I could go away for like ... a year or so, in another city where noone knows me and noone cares about me, and harm myself anytime I want to, as often as I want to, in any way that I want to. And in the meantime my family and friends and bf to be calm and not worried for me and not call me or visit me. And then when I come home, I want them to be here like they are now and all my selfharm not to have any visible scars. That would be so great, right now I feel like that's the only thing that would help me. But then again, I should wake up to reality.
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