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I'm fourteen years old and depressed. I live in australia.

Lately ive been having thoughts of suicide, i hate my life, im gay and afraid of telling anyone, i have no friends, my parents are constantly screaming at me, nobody at my school even notices me and the ones that do hate me. I put on this fake everythings fine exterior but no one notices the truth. To add to it i suffer from a skin condition and everyone always stares at my skin wherever i go. I don't see any point to life anymore and i don't see a future for myself. I am always full of anxiety and worry. Ive been depressed for almost 2 years now and i dont think i can take much more of it.

What do i do?


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Welcome to the forum! I am sorry to hear that you aren't feeling too good right now. Have you been to see a doctor about how are you feeling? If not, then that could be the first step. Always here if you need a chat or you can PM me if needed.


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Hi and welcome...there are several support sites for gay teens (e.g. The Trevor Project for one) which might also be useful...being different is not being bad...I have always been different...and about no one noticing you...decide what you want from ppl in your school and make a plan to get it...you are young enough to learn and change...also have you spoken to a counselor about how you are feeling? Or can you speak to your parents or an adult in your life? expressing how you are feeling helps to not feel so alone...welcome again, and please PM me if I can help in any way...J


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Wow. That's scary because you sound a lot like me...which probly isn't a good thing.

Personally, I think things started going down hill when I was about 11. That's when my skin got bad. It's been shit for the past 5 years(I'm 16 now), and I can't tell if things have become better or worse. In some ways they have gotten better, and others have gotten worse. What kind of skin condition do you suffer from?

Where do you live in Australia? Just so I get an idea of the possible situation you're in.

Is there a reason you don't see a point in life or you having a future?

I also suffer from extreme anxiety problems. It's one of those "Which came first? The chicken or the egg?" questions. It's hard to tell whether I was depressed first or anxious first. But I think the depression developed which led onto me getting anxiety.

What is your social life like? Mine consists of.....nothing. I don't have any friends but I could probly attribute that to my anxiety problems. I don't talk a lot. I've become introverted, fucking my life over. I hear kids my age having fun and I'm left thinking 'What the fuck happened?'. I only have one 'friend', he doesn't even go to my school and he doesn't know who I really am. I don't meet anyone outside of school, but it's not like I meet them inside of school anyway. I tend to avoid everyone, it's less depressing that way. I have a few fairly huge triggers, such as school etc, but I try to avoid them as much as I can.

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