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its unbelievable how slefish and immature some poeple are. just take take take and at the same time they dont give a fuck about the one on the other end. and drag down the ones that want to help bc they never get enough.
i wanna line a bunch of people up and then walk by and just slap slap slap slap.
thats what some assholes need, a good hard slap. to get some sense beaten into them. it seems like thats all thats left.
i dont feel like acting mature and sucking it up, thinking: ah well they have issues so ill just ignore it in the hope their asses grow up one of these days, while they act like fucking dickheads. self absorbed dickheads.
i dont know what the fuck it is thats wrong with you but at this point i dont give a fuck
i wanna beat the shit out of them and i could talk forever how id do it. go to hell

oh this is not against sf memebers ingeneral so dont take it offensive
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