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I cant start doubting myself.. If I fall into that, I won't be able to hold on.. My life and what I know now seems unbelievable to the outside.. And when they question it, I start questioning myself..

"Is that really what happened?"
"Am I so screwed up?"
"Am I remembering anything correctly?"
"Am I just paranoid?"

But I can say right now..

That really is what happened
I'm not screwed up
I am remembering what I can and correctly
and I am actually very sane with this right now..

The paranoia will only set in once I start doubting myself.. I need to tell myself that I'm fine.. And my therapist agrees that I'm completely sane.. I'm not on meds and I'm doing really well.. I need to hold this out until I'm safe.. So please don't make me feel like a liar.. Because I'm not.. In doing so you make me doubt myself.. And I will only come crashing down..


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Don't let someone make you doubt yourself.
Your therapist has backed you up, hang on to that and be strong :hug:


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Anyone who wants you to feel that way is not good for you...do not listen to him/her...find people who will care and support you...those are the voices you need around you...PM me if you want a reminder of that Swifty, as I truly care about you...J


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Listen to your therapist. He/She has backed you up and told you you're sane. You should get yourself away from your toxic family members. They don't sound like they have your best interests at heart. PM if you want/need to.


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Thank you guys.. It's just hard when people ask all these questions to try and I understand where I'm coming from I guess.. When people ask me, how do you know? and things like that but then remind me how I have no evidence, etc.. That's when I begin doubting myself. Because I have no solid evidence.. The only evidence I have is experiences and a whole list of inconsistencies.. And I started a list on a notepad on my computer.. And I think almost every day something else pops into my head that is another inconsistency.. Tho I'm not trying to think about it too much, as I may only make myself too paranoid.

Anyway, Thank you all for your replies. :hug:

I'm starting to get things in place. :)
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