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I'm so tired of all the pain and anxiety, the sadness and hurt
I'm so tired of feeling fat everyday to the extent that I want to give up, and the fact that it has gotten worse
for how long are you supposed to feel like this? I'm attending cbt therapy and an eating disorder group,but the depression makes it difficult to do everything wholeheartedly everything just simply feel overwhelming


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Therpay isn't a miricle worker. It will take time and it can get worse before it gets better. Stick with it though. CBT is meant to be really good at looking at your thought processes and helping you through things.

Have you got a PDoc and are you on medication at all?



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thankyou for your reply

I'm not sure if I ''have'' a pdoc, but if I need an appointment to discuss my medications I simply ask for one,although they seem pretty busy these days
I used to be on meds, fluoxetine, but stopped taking it two,three months ago, I know that maybe it wasn't the best decision that I could have been done, but I've been on and of it for so many years, plus my former therapist used to always say how he wanted me to be able to stop it in the end, and so I though it wouldn't matter if I stopped it now
I also became afraid of the actual effects it has on my brain, I don't know and I'm afraid


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There are so many effective medications that it is worth inquiring whether one would be right for you...sometimes several has to be tried before an effective one can be found...many have considerably less side effects as well...keeping advocating for yourself and know it takes time and work to get through these very difficult times...I am so glad you are caring for yourself as you are...that is very brave and admirable...J


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I tried a diet that worked.. I would cook some chicken or pork and make a salad then cut up the meat and add it to the salad..For lunch I just ate two pickels and two peices of cheese.. I lost 32 lbs..Give it a try.. Oh yeah for a snack I would just eat fruit..
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