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8 years today


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it seems like just yesterday i found out i was pregnant with u , and it seems and feels like just yesterday i lost you.

8 years down the track and i still cry at night missing u and wishing u were with me , i still feel the heart ache of losing u . i still feel so guilty i didn't keep u safe like a mother should have .

today is the day i lost you and Ive made it your birthday to celebrate the little time i had with u . Happy Birthday my boy :pinkrose: :love:

you will always be part of my heart Jaysen , you will always be part of me and i shall never forget the 22 weeks i had , carrying you ... i brought u some toys today as if i was gonna give them to you when you woke up
i love u always and forever Jaysen

May you Rest in Peace <3


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I am so sorry Est, and as you know, I am here for you, and care about you greatly...maybe you can give those toys to a charity, so some little person can enjoy them as well...with much fondness, J

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