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i'm getting really bad urges. i just want to do it, want to get it over with. i don't know how to stop the feelings other than giving in to them.

i think i might just take a few and see how i feel after that...


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Well I meant something else to be honest. When I am down I find that seeing the word Suicide makes it worse. Maybe you have a chore you need to finish or maybe you could go for a walk?


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Hmm.. well you should do something to get your heart rate up. The chemicals your body produces should lift your mood. Also have you eaten anything recently? If not have a snack. I find lack of energy depresses me as well.
Anything to get those thoughts out of your head for a little bit, food, exercise, focusing on a hobby, watching a movie, or a show you like on tv as have already been suggested are pretty good ideas. Something that you can enjoy even in the slightest will work, to enjoy the moment because that's all you really have.

If you want think of someone you know maybe even someone you only know online(through SF) and send them love and kindness, wish them happiness.

Best of luck.


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Hey Eagle, Please put them down.. Theres a very good chance all you will do is cause kidney damage or liver damage... You can talk to us..Thats what we are here for..Let us help.. What has been going on to bring you to this point??
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