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I have been suffering from suicidal thoughts for a long time now and have been ever so close to following through with them. I think I have been masking these feelings with drugs. It is the first time I have been home in about five days and just being here is hard. It reminds me of my emotions and feelings. I have been trying to tell my doctor about my thoughts but I can't really do that. He wants my mom to go to my appointments with me...yah right, if that happens like I am going to say how I feel.

Nothing seems to work or help. I think I have been trying to get myself so messed up that I would be able to commit suicide without taking the conscious responsibility of having made that choice.

I have a large purchase of drugs coming and I think this might be it. I also have a doctors appointment today so I guess I am hoping my mom forgets about it. I don't have to let her come with me but now I am going to have to tell her that. That is going to be hard to do. Maybe I wont have to, ever.


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Just try and stay confident, believe in yourself.. it can get better. Give it some time, your new doctor could help a lot


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Talk to me.

I care and I want to know how you are doing.

Maybe you don't think talking will help now but I would really like it if you tried.

Hang in there.


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We had a couple of PM's before :). Lets talk again..you dont have to go through with this. PM me if you want to talk. Please dont go through with it...you seemed really nice to me when we chatted before, you have a lot to offer.
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