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What is the point of life anyway? Feel indigination and ridicule in those words. Being happy and then let it slipped away, it's like fate playing jokes, give a glimpse of hope and never let you to quiet catch it. Its that feeling of being in the rain hopeing it would end, but at same time struggles to come with terms of decay and impathy. The lack of substance, and understanding is the life ... I laugh, but i laugh and choke so full of empty air, for no one understands, sad
My llife is empty as hell. I could never like or become someone like you. Why do i exist. Why do i have to take this glimpse of patheticity called life, when everything struggle but never gets to where it should be. And in the end invents all kinds of excuse and imagation that song in its glorification that it achieved what it actually didnt?
Why do we teach the child, who is more insightful and original than all of us "passer by" are, we who have bowed wilingly and listened many aimless nights of the fate years or moments seperating from us. Who have lost perhaps the soul.
Why do we take away their dreams, their future, away from their own realizations. Why are we so blind as to other obvious mistakes we make? Perhaps i should exclude the me from we. But it makes no difference. How many people understands the delicate weight of words, how many have not used them in abandon?
I can say people are retards, and thats the ugliest truth of all. THis one is not in the books.
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