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I don't know why I'm posting this thread. It may be because there's a tiny bit of doubt left somewhere inside me. I'm planning on doing it tonight after my parents have gone to bed (it's 4 pm now). I'm not sure about the method yet. Firearms would be ideal of course, but I don't know where my dad keeps his gun. I have my meds though. I suppose taking the whole lot of them would be enough. Or I might try slashing my wrists. I bought a pack of blades yesterday.


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please don't. try talking to everyone on here, threes a lot of support to be offered and a lot of people can relate to your feelings. you said you thought part of you may be hesitant so listen to that part and try talking to everyone on here first

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well instead of doing any of those things hang out here okay get to know us and us you You won't feel so isolated now you have us hugs


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i know how it feels to hit rock bottom and it hurts.
im sorry to hear you are suffering right now.
honestly the best thing you can do is try and get to know some of us.
we all know where you are coming from and all suffer the same problems. but with each others help we make it through the tougher times.
ive been on edge so many times but being honest and open to people here - especially in chat can divert your mind and energies to something more possitive. please do take care and i hope you are feeling better soon. we all go through dark periods - but then bounce back. rinse and repeat and youve got the majority of people on here.
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