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Fuck her. I love her, always heave done, for the last 4 years. she wants to walk out, then fine takeing all the fucking pills i have. 35mg at least, send me in to a nice fucking sleep. i hate her sometimes what did i do wrong. nothing at all. why is she so fucking wierd with me. she was so horrid to me this morning, and she has no reason to be. mayby i'll die, mayby i won't, it dosent matter anymore. I really really lve her, so why dose shge have a problem with me, why? hopefully the pills will fuck me up. i sure hope so/.

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That will not solve anything hun only make her more upset with you Show her you can stand on your own you can be strong maybe then she will see a different side of you You need to look after you first before any relationship will work okay get you help to heal then worry about what she is doing.
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