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i dont know what to write so im just going to type how i feel i suppose its gunna help to get it out

im 21 all my life ive had issues where ive been in situations where id cut myself to help or overdosing a couple of times but i feel like when i was doing that alot of it was a cry for help, but it feels different this time things have built up something big has happened i have coworkers but dont even feel like i can talk to them or my family i dunno what to do now sat here and i cant see a way to cope with everything anymore. it feels like the pain just adds up and ive thought about how id do it and im sat here now feeling the same as i did last week. dont know why im posting this but i cant hold it in i dont know what to do, i feel like even my own family is not a good enough reason to put up with this life anymore

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aw hun your depression your sadness is so deep you are not feeling anything your numb to the others around you. What you do hun is call your doctor okay.
Tell doc you are very suicidal and need helpl meds therapy or call crisis line and tell them they will get you some help Your right you do need to talk hun so keep talking here okay get it out in the open where you can see the pain and sadness okay and deal with it some hugs
thank you for replying it means alot

but i have done this last week and i was given diazapam in order to knock me out when im feeling like it, ive already taken more than the recommended amount and its done nothing i still feel exactly the same i hate talking to doctors and my co workers they dont understand and i feel like they are just going by a rule book, i dont feel like anyone understands how i feel right now i feel like its pointless me even trying it goes back to how it was, it hurts i cant see any way around it anymore

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Sometimes we just have to do things we hate to get people to isten okay you go back to that doctor and tell them the meds are not working i feel likle shit and i need help do something different okay tell them hugs:hugtackles::hugtackles:


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Hiya Harley

I am so sorry you are feeling so bad. I know all too well how it feels when you have all this frustration and sadness inside you and feeling like you are alone. Telling friends and family is difficult and being open with them can be nearly impossible but it doesnt half get a weight off your chest and feel relief. Have you been to see a doctor about how you are feeling? I think that would be a good step for you to take. Dont forget you can come here when you are having a rough day. We are more than happy to listen. You can always swnd me a PM if you need more of a one to one with someone. Oh and welcome to SF! I hope we can help you here. Take care hun remember we are always here for you!
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