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ug. today wasnt even that bad so why do i feel so shit. oh i dont know, maybe because everythings going crap again and i can see it in front of me and i just dont want to know whats in store. great. aaaaaaaaargh why cant i even be friendly. just keep snapping at the only people that give a shit. how did i get to this. why cant i even be civil to my parents. god why do i have to be such a bitch and a disappointment. cant trust myself with anything anyway. great. fucking great. and now i have no one. who's fault is that oh yeah mine. great. and why should anyone wnt to listen. exactly they shouldnt. what the hell am i still doing here? arggggggggggghhhh. ug
:hug: blueberry.

Depressions confusion. Hard, a struggle.. sucks.. I could go on but I wont'. That explains alot of the things you mentioned in itself.. I know not in detail to make it make sense.. but depressions like that.. it doesn't make much sense other than you feel like shit. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. if there's anything I can do (listen, talk, anything) let me know. pm me or something :) but the only advice I can give here is to try and talk to someone.. anyone.. talking and just getting it out helps lighten the load you have on your back with it.. and it WILL get easier.. and you won't lash out and you'll be able to be more "civil" as you put it, to your friends and family.

Hope that was of more help then It hink it was lol. But pm box is always open

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