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Today sunday 22nd of May 2011 at 8pm I failed as a human being. Simple as, there is no excuse it should never have come to this. I manged to lose it all and I have failed everyone. I need to try and resolve this but I cant turn back the clock and I think its to late to stop. Its irreversable.

Im sorry for being so cryptic but I cant share the details.


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Hi James, I'm sorry you feel like you've failed, why do you feel like this?has something happened to make you feel like this? You've come to the right place stay and chat to people,
take care hun x


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What happened, why do you feel like you've failed? If you need to talk but don't want to post publically, feel free to drop me a PM.


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you cant fail as a human, its what we are, what we will always be- not thats always much comfort.
please let us help you, it will become easier to share, talk to us.

stay safe
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