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9/11 never forget remembrance thread!


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Thanks @Jayjay289 for reminding me again about this day. No, I was not in New York City or in the state at that time. Since it was a Tuesday, I did not know about the attack until I got home from school. I was 11 at the time, and now I am 29, so the majority of my life I have lived in a country that is still at war and it does not feel like it. Growing up as a teenager, it was a war on terrorism, and that was replaced with the great recession.

New York City is the most diverse city in the world, and it has the most diverse amount of spoken languages with any city in the world. Yes, people were killed, but not all of them were American. Yes, people were responding as civilians, and not all of them were American. Yes, the police, the fire department, responded to the buildings in New York City and Washington DC. With the dust in the air, and months to clean up the sites, after a long and bitter fight: the police department and fire department can get lifetime healthcare. Now if you are a civilian, and you breathed in the dust too: nobody cares about your cancer. It is a irony with New York City, as it is the most diverse city, but outside the state, or New Jersey or Connecticut: diversity is depressed to look like the state you are living in.

With 9/11 is going to turn out like Pearl Harbor. Every year the importance of the event will become less important. So the older I will get, someday when I get a new calendar, I will notice Pearl Harbor on 7 December, and 9/11 on 11 September, and April Fools Day on 1 April and so on.


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It was a Tuesday. Deadline day for the newspaper I worked for.

The safe world I lived in disappeared that day.

I spent all of the next day at the Red Cross waiting to donate blood. You see we didn't realize there would be so very few survivors. People from all walks of life came to donate blood as we watched the TV coverage in the waiting room.

Never forget


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Growing up I never understood why people remember jfk getting shot and would forever.
However I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday.it was a clear day outside. I was in the lab at work testing and one of the guys got a phone call about the first tower. At that point the internet crashed at work as everyone tried to find out about it. They set up TVs in the lobby- they never did anything like that before- and people huddled around them. I saw on the news people falling from the tower. We saw someone jump from one of the towers. We couldn’t use the cellphones because of the traffic on the network. We watched the news at home until my 5 year old daughter said that it was enough. Like people and JFK I will probably never forget.


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2996 souls lost on that fateful day! :( i will never forget it and wehere i was and when i heard the news! My auntie lives in NYC and she was a doctor at the time and worked 5 days around the clock helping victims


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I remember being at work. My manager at the time, ex-military, was freaking out saying we were being attacked. He kept calling security and upper management telling them the building needed to be evacuated. We all thought he was overreacting. A few minutes later we were told to go home. I sat in front of the television for the rest of the day in disbelief.

Never forget.

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I was a 6 year old child at the time, in a school in England, and i remember even from that early on and that far back, how everyone just stopped as word of the towers spread. Classes stopped being taught, and nobody knew what to do next except pause in solemn commiseration, and watch the live news coverage unfolding, and nobody, not the teachers, the nerds like me, nor the parents, even considered for a moment having a problem with that, it only felt right. I remember even then, despite possessing the extremely limited understanding of a naive 6 year old, being so stunned at the sheer immensity and horror of what had transpired. I don't think i even believed it could be real at first, because i couldn't imagine people abandoning their humanity and their compassion for their fellow human beings so thoroughly. I think when an autistic 6 year old is shocked and appalled at your lack of empathy and compassion, that shows just how far you've fallen. A truly horrendous day in history, and one of the most inhuman acts ever committed.

So much love to all of those with any form of personal connection to the 9/11 attack, so much love to the entire United States for facing such a harrowingly brutal travesty, and so much love to humanity as a whole for having to endure the existence of those who would commit such atrocities. *grouphug


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I also remember that day. I was 7-8 and couldn't understand the importance of it, so at first I was only bothered by my favourite TV shows being canceled. But I felt that something was wrong, that my parents were afraid and I guess I was silently afraid as well. I remember not really knowing what happened, but later I cried in my bed. Maybe it did pop my bubble of peace and innocence. Lots of love to those directly or indirectly affected, to all US citizens, to all human beings. Love you all.


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I was 16 at the time, and I was in school taking a military aptitude test. I remember that my principal came in the classroom and told the teacher to turn on the TV and explained what was happening. It was pretty surreal and hard to believe. We watched it in different classrooms all day. I think I did well on that test and had considered joining the military, but I got scared after that happened.


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9/11 is a day i'll never forget. i was in high school. in one of my classes i had to interview someone from world war 2. i interviewed this guy that fought in iwo jima. and it just so happens i interviewed him on the same day as 9/11. it was surreal interviewing someone about war on the same day we were being attacked.


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i was in history class. our teacher stopped teaching and lead us to the auditorium. i remember watching the second plane hit and all i could do was cry. we were supposed to go to our other periods but i couldnt bring myself to leave i just sat there and cried and watched. i went home and held my daughter and prayed for those souls that were lost. i will never forget this tragic day so many lives lost.


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I remember that morning. I was getting ready for work, and had the TV on in the background. I wasn't really paying attention to it, and when I looked over I just stopped what I was doing and stood there. I was late to work that morning (as was many of my coworkers). That day changed a lot.

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