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9/11 never forget remembrance thread!


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Shortly after the tragedy I learned that college friend of mine was among those lost when the trade center towers collapsed. Though several years had passed and we had lost touch as we made our way in the world, it affected me deeply. Every year I quietly honor him and the kindness he showed me and the others whose lives he touched during his short time on earth. Every life is precious. Cherish your time here and choose love over hate.


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Was walking into building for English class. My first class for the day on campus back in the college days. Was informed once I walked in the classroom. That the campus was being evacuated due to the bomb threat. Was pissed off. This was before smart phones! This was in the Chicagoland area. Took me a hour to get off campus due to bumper to bumper getting out of the campus with so many cars leaving at the same time and everyone seemed like it was sent home in many workplaces so traffic on the way home too. Didnt get home until 12 or so and each tv station had the WTC crumbling play by play the pentagon etc. Was shocked thinking that this city was next and was not far from it. Waiting for rest of family to come home. It was the most hardest/longest month since walking in the classroom that morning. Over time finding connections to those who was lost and those who survived.

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