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Leave & find another forum or face it and get it out and live on. We must learn how to do that to each other and be well.

I wasn't sure what to say the first time I read this.
But...well. Do they like you back?
I mean, if things are going to get awkward and you don't want to deal with it or whatever, leaving is an option, but not a very good one as you'd be leaving behind support here too. But I guess it just depends on your feelings and their feelings.
Sorry, that probably wasn't so helpful :shy: All I mean is, try to figure out what you want before you make any decisions :)
Good luck!



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OHHH MAN!! I am dumb!

I thought you wrote "what if I don't like someone".....I must have not read it or paid right attention.

Allow me to try to rectify my stupid, horrible, embarrassing mistake---if you leave the site cuz you cannot deal with this, well, Not good consequences.
I would see how the other person is handling their stuff, how long have you 2known each other, do you talk well or feel go to talk, how their life is.... Just feel out the situation, that will help you know how to respond. It may be hard or impossible on computer, (cuz of not seeing expressions, tone of voice, feelings) but it's worth a shot.

If you do talk more and get to know special things...some people fall too fast, too hard. Then, it is hard to go backwards. Besides, no one can tell you...do this!! This is best..

You don't have to give up...friends always can turn into something more.
It is best to be friends first anyhow. You can never have too many friends.
That is not to lessen your feelings, but to start on a positive note. Liking people here is what we are for. If you want the friendship to grow, take your time with things. People always say let it develop on its own. I am not sure if that is always possible. But, your gut and heart cannot steer you really wrong.

Again, I hope I did not ruin your opinions of people here. I will caution myself when I respond for awhile. Feel free to PM me if you need to rant.


It's okay TLA. For a sec there I thought I pissed you off. Sorry.

I dunno what Ill do, but I don't think theyll like me back...

I guess well see right?


Im still sorta in a dilema, because i dunno what i should say.

i know for sure for sure she doesnt like me back....no one ever has so ill just mess it up like i always do

-A BlackStreet-


have you tried to talk with her about how you feel? i fell in love online with my partner. i didnt think that she felt the same about me. i had to make the first move and surprisingly we are together today. give yourself some credit, you do not know whether you will mess it up. you have to give it a shot. if you don't you will never know. you will just continue wondering like you are now. go for it. talk with her.


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Im still sorta in a dilema, because i dunno what i should say.

i know for sure for sure she doesnt like me back....no one ever has so ill just mess it up like i always do
I think you gotta have a go at it...Me, with my anxiety with woman, lol impossible, but I can honestly tell you I regret not pursueing the opportunities I have had.

As long as you think youll be able to take the rejection if your right, and she isnt keen on you, then go ahead with it. It sounds to me like your assuming that though, so you need to ask...directly.

Its nerve wracking I know :) Do you know her status btw...single etc?

Have a go though, your only going to regret not trying.
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