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    Right now i wish i could slap my mom she just erks me, i don't know why she thinks i want to quit school i don't want to, sometimes i want to tell her my secret but i can't because she would kill me if i told her i wonder why she acts the way she does... she makes, sometimes she drives me to the point i would rather die than be near her, i know we have had good times but now that i'm older and i'm not what she wants me to be she wants to walk all over me and i don't like it, she wants me to be just like her and she exepects me to be like her and i'm never gonna be like her i wish she would see that i do love her but i wish she woulden't act so mean near me, and then if i cut my self she will ask me why i cut my self and when i tell her why she punches me and screams her head off why eve one time she kicked me out just because i didn't want to take a shower that day...
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    Hi Alexis...is there anyone you can speak to who might act as a 'go between' you and your mother? You say, now that you are older, do you live at home and what influence does she have on you? Hope she finds a way to be kinder to you
  3. I live with my mom so there isn't anybody there but her, and it feels like sometimes that she's never going to be nice to me
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    Sometimes, we have to see people for who they are and expect s/he will continue to be that way...this is so difficult when it is one's mother...is there any way when you two are OK with each other to talk to her about this?
  5. I can try to talk to her about it after she drinks her morning coco, though i don't know how far it will go.