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  1. anuj

    anuj Active Member

    Here I am again. I don't know to do it now or not. But I have every thing ready with me- aspirin n razor. I think it will be good for my friends n family, they don't have to be sad anymore by looking me. I am sorry for my friends that I came into their life. They deserve better friend n not like me who always refuses to go out. I am the worst person alive on earth. I want to punish myself. I want to suffer.

    And I will keep on posting here, as I have no other method of expressing my thoughts; untill you ban me or criticize me.
  2. saltydogmk

    saltydogmk Member

    I honestly feel you pain :( I will pray that you do not do it, if you need a friend who understands what your going through I will gladly be that friend :) I am dealing with suicidal thoughts today as I do everyday and I cut nearly everyday. I wish I could give you a *hug and comfort you :( If you want to vent or talk to someone please leave me a messege and maybe we can talk about what's going on. You vent to me and I vent to you, it's a win win. Just know that there are people who care about you and I here and they really are a big help :) I hope to hear from you :)
  3. Perhapsa3

    Perhapsa3 Well-Known Member

    Keep posting, im listening. Sometimes I wonder why i called the people I know friends when the term implies supportiveness. Do they listen, do they try to help you or understand? Maybe talk to some new people and see if they could be friends.
  4. spidy

    spidy Well-Known Member

    Your being hard on yourself great you staying posted here as you will get support.First heres mine piss the asprin off as that will only cause pain later razor no most failed method not that im encouring theres better ways as all in the end mostly screw ppl up more.You going through depression and best thing is to reach out for some support.These ppl you mentioned will be more upset that your dead no joke.You need to find that support whether you find it within family friends.See your doc a therapist is good too which helps you reach out and vent and gives you tools to deal with what your going through.You will learn to build your fighting strength up and find your own self worth.Hang in there get over this rough patch and fight for strength no joke that is better than a nothingness might seem impossable now but the more you learn to get through the more resilliant you become
  5. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    You are using this site for what it's for... I can't see any banning or criticizing to come from this. Sometimes talking out the issues can be helpful, and there seems definitely to be a large number of people here who care enough to listen. Take advantage of that and feel free to open up. You're anonymous, so to speak, so you should be able to open up fully and be honest. Perhaps peer support can help.
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