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  1. Ajean

    Ajean Well-Known Member

    I don't know where to begin this time. But its the same place, the same overwhelming physical pain. Its been days since I could stand on my own. I'm only awake because I've slept too long to fall back asleep. I don't know why I'm even on the computer, the screen is so painfully bright. I just don't want to be here alone.

    But I dont want to go to the ER. I hate those drugs they use. And the way the IV makes my arm freeze from the inside out. I hate the way everyone looks at me, stubbling around, all pale and grey with my hair uncombed and sunken eyes. It all takes too long. I'd be there for at least three hours. And it doesn't fix the pain. Not by a long shot. It doesn't do enough to be worth it.
  2. sudut

    sudut Well-Known Member

    why are you in overwhelming pain?
  3. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    So why not call your family doctor and get an appointment to see him/her? I know that when I call my doctor first thing in the morning, I can almost always get an appointment the same day.

    The IV coldness in your arm and the way people look at you is worse than the physical pain you are feeling? Three hours is too long to get help for the pain?

    "...with my hair uncombed..." - comb your hair before you go in.

    You say that it does not fix the pain? What type of a hospital ER is it? I have had several major surgeries (cut open and operated on) and I can tell you that the pain medications they provide DO relieve even the worst of physical pain.
  4. Ajean

    Ajean Well-Known Member

    the hyperalgia makes it impossible for my to try to brush my hair without ending up in a fit of tears. its pathetic really.

    And I've called both my general physician and my neurologist, neither of which returned my calls.

    And to ad to the long list of things that make all of this that much more difficult, I have a strong resistance to pain killers. Morphine, dilauded, we've tried all of them. Nothing even makes a dent.
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