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jane doe

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i never tougth i would be talking about this with someone, and i´m sure you probably read things like this everyday, but i don´t know what else to do.
i started three years ago to cutting myself, i can´t remember why, but i feel like an addict when i try to not do it. And with the pass of time it`s getting worse because isn´t enough to make a little scar on my skin like it used to be. Now, since a little bit more than a year, i feel so sad that suicide comes to my mind every single night. i don´t know why, and you may think i´m crazy, but i only feel like this at night. During the day i´m active, even happy.
Now my sadness still there in the morning,and i barely want to wake up. my job is over the edge, and I push away everybody i know and that i love.
I barely want to eat, i´m having terribles headaches, and i have really big problems to sleep well. Sometimes i think the only thing i do well is cutting myself, and i´m not proud of it. please i need help. i'm 18 and i don´t want to die yet, i think...
Please i apologise if my english isn´t good enough, because i´m from Argentina and here we speak spanish.
Have a good night to everyone.


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Your English is muy buena. :) Maybe I could help if you could say a little bit more about your situation? What exactly makes you sad at night (viz: What are your thought processes that get you to that point?) What about your job pushes you over the edge? Is there any chance you could get a different job?


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nights are truly the hardest times for so many ppl...dark, the thought of losing control in our sleep, alone...this is one reason we started the Midnight Owl, knowing ppl might need to hook up during these hrs...i have found a few things that help me transition into the night...meditation, to clear away the day and to find a safer space at night...music, it helps me anytime...surfing the net in an area i really care about, this yr it is learning to play different drums...i hope you can find a list for yourself, and may the nights be peaceful for you...you sound lovely, like a person who deserves respite from the day...big hugs, Jackie
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