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Hello everyone, I registered last night but couldn't really bring myself to type anything, just wanted to say hi and thank everyone for setting this up. I may not post very often, but I'll try to write something when I can and maybe even provide some support for others eventually but not for a while at least while I'm like this. I hope everyone is doing okay this evening, thanks.
Hi Quietus, and welcome to the forum :)

It's fine if you don't feel up to providing support :hug:

People will be willing to listen to you :)

Take care, hope to see you around the forum

:welcome: to SF Quietus. I am glad you found us. We are here for you if you need to gain support as well as accepting og the support you wish to offer. Take care. :hug:
:welcome: to sf i think you'll find it a bunch of friendly folk around here. there are a lot of good people with struggles such as you might be having here. feel free to share when you're up to. there is no pressure at all in doing so it's what feels right for you. please take care and i look forward to seeing you around the forum.:biggrin: :smile:
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