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Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by POINTLESSWORDS, Jul 23, 2014.


    POINTLESSWORDS Active Member

    Black black black
    how can the descusions they tell me to make
    that will bind heavily to this flesh be speaking a fucking pass of whispered lying bloody words bloddy words because i have killed them already and the blood i gave dragged from them is always drenching them but there clother fabic noises change they seem so detached from what there eyes must see the ones that are left in there heads but i dare not go after tgem on the loud quick thudding if the to kneese of this body and on hand and knuckles while they come in this place most days i do not never will not talk noise about what is true what i see never i dont even cant even draw scratch what i see what is true for myself because they search thises now amd there body heat even through there plastic cleaan plastic gloves they touch my scratches my what they alllways call drawings they are unsafe to be searched by them devils
    the descion i cannot make like others all others no matter what the descion equal through them
    but this one
    to chose in time that hasnt happened yet to leave this place alive and and to go to another building to be watched heard and grabbed at tightly get off get off get off get off
    they say there might not be as much noise there but that means not much anything when the only way to leave this place that is wright would be a broken boxy that is dead dead dead for always and no more walking or crawling through doors

    i told them that again i see me using this body to rip off the head this body but then i go opiste of unconscious damn wakw ducking again no no no no nononononok more no fucking more ittttb is wrong wrong wrong to wake up and then when body sits up from the middle the head and hair to much hair that is pointless to rip out anymore are still attched to body

    all the things i keep
    the needs i have
    and the lyes i tell from the words i speak is only frustrating because they are not what i mean i cannot speak right to them the words i try to use are wrong snd betray me like broken leggs cant hold weight of a body standing up

    but this is just today
    what will time and these devils rip from me

    POINTLESSWORDS Active Member

    Its getting to close to few minutes
    they lied and i knew that already they way they breeath but this time they told me they lied
    its july this july this forced month not august not any section of august it is all july
    why do people use soft rounded meanigless by definetion words to say to many things when they no other words and i dont what are they trying to do with those words are the masquerading words are the parseling something inside them are they like a virus once spooken they are anchors inside this skull the head that will not rip offff its body and at the end of the forced day before going unconscious have to yank off all the words they hsve saud that are layered onto this
    thoses masquerading words they leave something behind i cant get off wrong wrong wrong
    cannot touch that carpet thoses walls to bright
    hospital hosptial wrong wrong wrong wrongwrongwronherongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrong