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    POINTLESSWORDS Active Member

    how can______
    i do not not understand

    hung over this bosy like a coating getting thicker and every every longer forced day when something claims possesion over the title that is defined to be me but is only the flesh that can be run through metal macheines to see if the muscles are still pulsing

    carrying around a certain weight of having to have other ways of thinking always having to be able to turn a binding black liquid as fast as possible but only one drop at a time then wrenching this to stop when they are gone

    why do loud screams that shake this body and ripe the flesh they come out of that are told to be quiet so much different than being quiet so the sound stops going into the air and stays away from any ears but is louder

    things that will not go away
    things that will not stay i cannot hold onto
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I hear your words i am sorry you are suffering so much i do hope you turn to your doctors to someone to help you get out of the darkness the pain Please reach out ok to the ones that can give you support
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