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    Just a regular day,i've been walking down the street,listening to my mp3 player,enjoy the sunnyday,not happy not much depressed and then suddenly i saw a dead old women lying down on the street. That was a totally shock to me, i never saw a dead people before,only on TV. I've been at few funerals before but i never wanted to saw it. Actually i haven't seen the face it was covered,but still i feel sucks. The saddest thing,when i saw it i start imaging my own death,yeah i have no close friends,gf,i will probably never have my own family,when i kill myself one day nobody will notice that,they will just find my rotten body,if i am not that lucky to die on the street.However i will die alone and nobody will be there to pick up my body,just two guys in dark suits who will throw me in the hole. Only who really cares about me is my mother,yeah but i wont do it until she dies first...is that what i live for?,waiting for my moms death?...life sucks
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    Hey there, it couldn't have been a nice experience seeing a body like that. All we need in this world is one person to love us, that one person to care for us and that one person to be there for us. If we have that one person then that can be sufficient because I think it's better to have one good friend than to have 20 acquaintances you haven't got anything in common with. Lean on your mum, the person who cares and loves you. With support you can get through things. Take care of yourself and if you want a chat anytime feel free to PM me. I care too. :hug:
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    Thanks resistance you are such a nice person,i wish you all the best:hug: