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A beautiful cry.

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I've just watched Biffy Clyro's, brilliant, Revolutions//Live at Wembley CD-DVD album. Some of the songs had me in tears, because they triggered memories of old friends, people I loved and cared for. Unfortunately, people who are'nt part of my life anymore. Has something like this ever happened to you?. It was painful but a nice cry.:hazel:


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When I watch TV shows, movies, etc., I often am reminded of people I looked up to or knew well in the past, or people I wish I had gotten to know more. I feel nostalgia often..

I can relate :hug:

Glad you let it all out. I wish I could cry more often when I'm down, but it's hard for me to cry even when I want to.


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Same here. I sometimes think about everyone I've ever known... about what they're doing at this exact second of the day.. that they could be anywhere, having fun, feeling bad, working hard.. just leading on with their lives... I guess I like to think that we will always have memories together; I get a little sentimental if I think long and hard about them and how I probably won't see many of them ever again. I wish I had gotten to know them more, that we had been closer and kept in touch. :hug:

When I spent a few months at the hospital earlier this year, I once told another patient that I wished I could be friends with every single person in the world that I meet, and that I thought it was a travesty for me that I couldn't. For example, I walk on the street and feel sad (when I'm down sometimes) that I don't know this person or that person (just random strangers).


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This just happened to me recently; I heard a song, "The Eagle and Me" circa 1945 which was a song my grandfather taught me to sand dance to...random to hear it as it is so obscure...and I was a pile of tears...miss him so much and those days of abandon (I was three)...J


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Yes I know what you're saying. I've been short-term friends with many people and so have lots of memories connected to mostly music but some other things.

It's nice that you have sad but beautiful and positive reactions when you think about old friends etc. Those will probably live on forever unless you met the person again and build new memories, they will be frozen in time. If you can look back with happiness you've won.

Sometimes these memories are painful for me because we ended on bad terms or just drifted apart or moved away and that's kind of sad. A lot of the friends who make me sad like this are from the time when I went INSANE and ran away from everything and went 500 miles away. Since I stayed in a lot of places and had a lot of different jobs, I met lots of people.

Cheese because my GOD what is he doing?
:Jehuty: :Jehuty:

****warning: nostalgia from about 4-6 years ago that I'm dropping here, sorry and no one has to read****
sublime, Aqua Teen hunger force, What the Bleep do we know?= friend who killed self
Gotan Project, Beastie Boys, DJ Shadow, Stevie Wonder, bob marley, modest mouse, psychedelics, Trader Joe's= another bipolar person that I was close friends with until it got too crazy
Atmosphere, graffitti (not doing it, just learning about the culture)- friend I made while running away
Primus, Jungle, Old School, Soul Coughing- weird weird boyfriend
Phish, Particle, Swell, Turin Brakes- second weird boyfriend
Alice in Chains, Biggie Smalls, Smog, Cat Power- girl i met on the bus
Classic Rock, the beatles, south park (early early south park I mean), Pink Floyd, plus EVERYTHING ELSE= former best friend, she is the one who makes me the saddest.
Oh God, I miss all of these people.


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This surely is a common experience for people. I recently met my old best friend, we talked but it was strange. If I see him from now on, I'll salute him. I don't consider him a friend anymore though.
It's the same with a few old female friends of mine. They used tell me everything and we had a great laugh with each other. If I saw them now, we'd probably barely acknowledge each other.
There is one person I hope I can become friends with again, if that happens, it would cure a lot of the pain I feel.
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