a bedtime story for JaySwiz....SF style

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by SmilePretty, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. SmilePretty

    SmilePretty Staff Alumni

    [JaySwiz] * someone tell me a bed time story?
    [SmilePretty] once upon a time
    [SmilePretty] there was a forum
    [SmilePretty] where people came to when they were sad
    JaySwiz curls up next to SmilePretty
    [SmilePretty] and at this forum were blue people, red people, and green people
    [SmilePretty] and none of them got along
    [SmilePretty] so, one day
    [SmilePretty] the mighty Jessus came to settle everything down
    [SmilePretty] but no one listened to her
    [SmilePretty] and that made her very angry
    [SmilePretty] so she decided to hack into the system
    [SmilePretty] and make herself the all powerful creator of SF
    [iliketomix] what was she wearing?
    [SmilePretty] its doesnt matter
    [SmilePretty] my story*
    User JaySwiz has logged out.
    [SmilePretty] so instead of there being just blues, and greens, and reds.....she mixed all of the colors together to create her own special color of poop brown
    [Veevz] * !
    [SmilePretty] and there was bedlam on the forum
    [SmilePretty] Jessus flamed people in threads, never banned trolls, and let all of the old banned users come back to be her helpers
    [SmilePretty] behind their backs, on msn, skype, aim, and other forms of communication the blues, and reds and greens called Jessus and her helpers the shitheads
    [SmilePretty] because of their poop brown color
    [Veevz] oy vey
    [SmilePretty] after a few weeks of all out havok, a few members decided to start a riot
    [SmilePretty] leading them was MURKO!, Veevz, thelonelyone, and SmilePretty
    [SmilePretty] *
    [MURKO!] so what happens
    [MURKO!] do i restore order to sf
    [Veevz] me?* *
    [Veevz] I'm peaceful
    [SmilePretty] you want to be crushed by the evil Jessus?
    [MURKO!] me?
    [SmilePretty] Veevz
    [MURKO!] no i wanna take that lil punk down
    [Veevz] Uly will protect me!
    [SmilePretty] okay, let me continue
    [SmilePretty] they communicated in secret using msn and morse code
    [SmilePretty] and they decided to rise up and DEFEAT the evil Jessus
    [thelonelyone] did we restore order?
    [MURKO!] and kidnap her hamsters
    [SmilePretty] i havent finished the story
    [MURKO!] hamsternap
    [thelonelyone] and put it up for ransom* *
    [SmilePretty] * do you want me to finish the story?
    [thelonelyone] =(
    [MURKO!] yes
    [SmilePretty] after careful planning, the leaders informed the members that were still untainted by the evil ruling of Jessus. it was risky because no one knew who's side they were really on
    [SmilePretty] they planned their revolt for the next meet up in the UK
    [SmilePretty] because half the site seems to be from there
    [Veevz] Can I be some goddess-type woman?
    [MURKO!] when do i get to punch her* *
    [MURKO!] right in her hamster head
    [Veevz] Let SP finish!
    [Veevz] I'll never get to hear the end of the story
    [SmilePretty] they tried to be so careful and quiet about their plans*
    [SmilePretty] but somehow MURKO! told Abacus, who then told Jessus
    [thelonelyone] ohh
    [thelonelyone] Joe snitched
    [Veevz] Uly tattles to joe?* *
    [thelonelyone] then Joe tattles to Jessus
    [SmilePretty] MURKO! thought that Abacus was on their side
    [thelonelyone] he was playing both sides!
    [Veevz] Joe tricked Uly?
    [SmilePretty] because he is always on the side of good
    [Veevz] I don't trust him anymore
    [thelonelyone] hmm wow
    [Veevz] you're saying joe is evil this time
    [SmilePretty] the day before the meetup in the UK, Abacus told Jessus that there was going to be a riot
    [thelonelyone] so he was prepared...
    [SmilePretty] however, no one could foresee what was to happen
    [SmilePretty] Veevz, using her goddess-like hotness recruited Tom, the creator of myspace to help them with their plight
    [Veevz] EHEHE
    [thelonelyone] ohhh
    [thelonelyone] he'll recruit the members of myspace as well....
    [SmilePretty] so all of the scene kids, the gangsters, the weirdos, and everyone else went to the meet up in the UK that day
    [SmilePretty] half of the world was there
    [SmilePretty] little beknownst to them, Jessus used her poop brown power to recruit all of facebook onto her side
    [SmilePretty] the entire world traveled to the UK
    [thelonelyone] it's a battle against good and bad and mysapce vs facebook
    [thelonelyone] ohh shit
    [thelonelyone] go on sp
    [Veevz] Why can't I be the facebook side?* *
    [SmilePretty] because i said so
    [Veevz] ok
    [Veevz] keep going
    [SmilePretty] * anymore complaints?
    [Veevz] can I have pink hair?* *
    [SmilePretty] *sigh*
    [thelonelyone] use your imagination Veevz* *
    [MURKO!] i want a charriot
    [Veevz] that's my last one
    [Veevz] I'm keeping quiet now so you can finish so I can go to bed
    [SmilePretty] People were in the streets and in bars and on roofs and in boats just to see what would happen
    [SmilePretty] on a table in the middle of a pub, was a board game
    [SmilePretty] Risk.
    [Veevz] YES
    [SmilePretty] (if you dont know what it is, look it up)
    [Dysphoric] * Risk is fun in such an odd way
    [Veevz] Risk ftw!
    [Veevz] I'll dominate all you bitchessssssss!
    [Veevz] k done
    [Veevz] sorry
    [Dysphoric] You wish* *
    [MURKO!] id win
    [Veevz] * she's telling a story* *
    [SmilePretty] it was Jessus and Abacus verses Veevz who had died her goddess-like hair pink and MURKO! the magnificent
    [SmilePretty] they played for three days straight
    [SmilePretty] working on conquering the world
    [SmilePretty] but before they could finish
    [SmilePretty] the weight of the entire population of the world in the UK cause it to crumble into the ocean
    [SmilePretty] the people in the boats called the Navy from all the countries and everyone got on a ship
    [SmilePretty] so no one died
    [SmilePretty] even those who couldnt swim
    [SmilePretty] once they were back on dry land, MURKO! decided to plan a stealth attack
    [SmilePretty] he flew down to florida and lurked outside of Jessus's house
    [SmilePretty] he climbed into her bedroom window, and Jessus punched him so he fell out of the window
    [Veevz] * !
    [Dysphoric] * ...!
    [SmilePretty] however, thelonelyone was not far behind him and decided to wait until the evil Jessus and her shitheads left
    [Dysphoric] * wtf!
    [SmilePretty] thelonelyone walked right through Jessus's front door and STOLE her hampsters
    [SmilePretty] as well as her computer and all of her music
    [Dysphoric] The hamsters that she does not even haaave.
    [Dysphoric] Oh noes, my moosic* *
    [SmilePretty] * not the point
    [thelonelyone] pwnd.* ** *
    [SmilePretty] Veevz helped thelonelyone carry the contraband into their hovvercraft
    [thelonelyone] WOOT! Thanks Veevz* *
    Veevz is carrying the hamsters
    [Veevz] ...
    [SmilePretty] since MURKO! was knocked out, they dragged him to the trunk and stuffed him in there
    [SmilePretty] when Jessus came back, you could here her scream all the way in Maryland, where SmilePretty was waiting for confirmation of the completion of the mission
    [SmilePretty] using Jessus's computer we stole all of the information about her corrupt website and who was on her side
    [SmilePretty] Robin banned all of those members and set the forum back to the way it was
    [Veevz] YAY SP!
    [thelonelyone] nice SP (=
    [SmilePretty] a month later, Jessus rejoined the forum and was put Under Moderation since she a sunk into a deep depression because she fell in love with MURKO! and Abacus and was stuck in a love triangle
    [Dysphoric] WOAH.
    [Dysphoric] STOP RIGHT
    [Dysphoric] THERE *
    [Veevz] omfg Jess!* *
    [Dysphoric] unnecessary, Lucy, just plain unnecessary.* *
    [SmilePretty] no, completely necessary
    [thelonelyone] LMFAO!!!
    [SmilePretty] a month later, MURKO! broke it off with Jessus and gave her back her hamsters, although he gave all of her music to SmilePretty
    [SmilePretty] Veevz fell in love with Tom and moved to California *
    [Veevz] is there snow in cali?
    [SmilePretty] nope
    [Veevz] k deal
    [SmilePretty] thelonelyone became theawesomeone and was made into a supermod since he helped save the day
    [SmilePretty] became*
    [SmilePretty] and Jessus had hands tied behind her back for the rest of her life so she would have to think before she typed....since she had to use a pencil which she put in her mouth to punch the letters on the keyboard
    [SmilePretty] the end.
    [thelonelyone] yay!
    [thelonelyone] (=
    [Veevz] woohoo!
    [Veevz] best story ever!
    [thelonelyone] i agree, nice one SP* *
  2. Rockster

    Rockster Guest

    nice one too bad jay left straight away lol
  3. Spearmint

    Spearmint Well-Known Member

    :laugh: Outta control.
  4. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    Interesting storyline Lucy. :laugh:
  5. jonstark

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  7. ACRon

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    there was a riot? :blink:
  8. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    this is totally amazing
    very unexpected having tom jump in there
    it made me laugh out loud, literally :]]]]

    we need more stories like that :D
  9. helena

    helena Staff Alumni

    Great story !!!! :D
    I was all into it, could barely wait to read how it ended :D !
    You really managed to bring suspense and humor in it, its very funny
    and good built up,like a christmas story but much better; just great :)!
  10. SmilePretty

    SmilePretty Staff Alumni

    :biggrin: :hug: thanks....idk where it came from lol
  11. resistance

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    :laugh: That was awesome :)
  12. wheresmysheep

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    wooo!! you should have a new title SP

    SmilePretty - SF story teller :smile: :yes:

    i think it fits! :laugh:
  13. Sa Palomera

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    that made me giggle! :hug: awesome story Lucy :wub:
  14. JayLee

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    Yayyyyy. I'm so pissed I got kicked offline in the middle! But thanks for posting! I need something to read tonight :biggrin:

    :hug: Smilepretty
  15. Abacus21

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    Great stuff Lucy - though I'd like to think I'd remain as a green chess piece, but then I can't have everything I wish for :tongue:
  16. blue542

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    I may have laughed myself retarded. Christ, I thought my brain didn't fire right. Thanks for that!
  17. El_

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    LMAO. now that was um... different. :O
  18. SmilePretty

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    :hug: you were the first that popped into my head lol :tongue:
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