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  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    Well i posted this in here because i am uncertain what will happen or what the outcome will be but however if anyone here prays and believes in the power of pray i ask you to ask God for this to be in my favor if it is his will? please make sure you ask if it be Gods will..?


    back in November 16, 2007 some dummy went to my home and set fire to it. i lost everything i had in it. all my stuff was burnt up.. well the fire department that night told the police that the trailer was of no value and did not have anything of value in it.. I DO HAVE THIS ON THE POLICE REPORT - well anyhow i go over there to speak with the one who said that.( A.B. ) I kindly ask him who told the police that the home was of no value, etc he then tells me he did.. i ask him why and he apologizes to me , says he did not know etc.. this was like in the middle of december, well it turns out that he quit the fire deoartment at the end of december reason??? i think because he knows he is about to be sued ( spelling ??/ ) well anyhow i found out that because of his statement that night the state fire marshel decided not to fully investigate this fire ( which in IMO i thought they were required to do anyway especially if it was an arson ) well anyhow.. they did not fully investigate it. and i have right damn it!! I lost my home and they just did not give a damn, well they are getting a law suit on them now.

    i spoke with an out of town attorney ( went out of town because these are all goody goody with each other and very crooked and i dont trust the locals ) well i spoke with one and i CAN SUE.... so my attorney advised me to send a hand written letter first to them to settle out of court which i did and i have given them 30 days to respond, if not my attorney will send them another letter certified followed by a thingy to appear in court etc..

    now i have to just wait and see what happens.. the uncertainty of it is ...........

    I am also looking at a law suit with those whjo have hurt me emotionaly and caused me to fall into depression and attempt my life.. Lawyer says i can do it.. so i will see what happens.

    Now why am i posting this? because i want you all to know that you dont have to be pushed around, dont stand there and take the crape from people who hurt you. stand up and fight.. stand up for your rights.. stand up for your feelings and emotional well being... they hurt you.. screw em , take everything they got cause you can.... dont let them get away with hurting you.. EVER.. OKAY??

    Thats what i am doing... i am fighting all the way and nobody better not get in my way.. i have 35 years of pain that has been bottled up inside me and everyone who has hurt me and called me names, Called me a liar, said my home did not burn, said it was a lie and not true, bla bla bla... I am going to show ya, not only to prove ya wrong but to get my GOD DAMN RESPECT BACK... etc... you hurt me emotionally and your gonna pay BIG TIME...
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  2. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Hey Susan! You might be able to sue for the trailer. I would suggest sueing the fire department/police department and NOT the individual who said nothing of value was destroyed. The responsibility was ultimately that of the department to investigate properly, regardless of one man's opinion that your trailer was not worth anything. Bottom line: if you sue the department, you can get more money.

    I would advise against sueing the people who hurt you emotionally. That is a slippery slope and will probably be considered a "frivolous" lawsuit, although you may be able to sue them for slander, since they told lies about you and ruined your reputation in that community. However, if you choose to sue them, you should definitely wait until AFTER you have sued the fire/police department because their lawyer will see that you have other lawsuits pending and will just assume that you are disgruntled and sueing people for money and you will probably lose both cases as a result.

    Concentrate on the arson lawsuit first and see what happens before you persue the second suit.

    Just some advice :)
  3. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the advice A. :hug:

    Thats what my lawyer suggested too.. on the letter to the fire department i had to write it my name verses the fire department and the firemans name that said my home was worth nothing.. According to my lawyer.. he was working at the fire depaertment the time this happened and just because he quit after i spoke with him it does not releave him of the damage he did by that statement.. seeing as how rain and snow have moved all evidence to convict an arsonist, etc..

    Thank you for repling.

    love ya girl :hug:
  4. I hope that everything works out well for you in the lawsuits. Take care. :hug:
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