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  1. losthope123

    losthope123 New Member


    I'm new here. Just an average person, I work the 9-5 job (5am start and 6pm finish however as I travel far to work) I live with my bf of 4 years, and my house rabbit and cat. Life just ticks along. I feel like I haven't got a purpose here, I just work work work, get nothing in return no spare cash etc as we are paying off my bf's huge debts.. I'm working to feed myself basically. The early starts and late finishes mean I'm exhausted most the time, my romantic life with him has gone out of the window and I'm never in the mood to cook, clean or do anything when I'm finished work.

    My bf thought I should take up a hobbie to occupy myself when I'm feeling low or bored on weekends, So I started my own little business decorating phone cases and accessories and it was really popular. I also started displaying my artwork around various webpages to drum up some interest. I've worked so hard, put in hours and hours when I should have been asleep for the early starts, even used my holiday off work to get all these things done for the business. Put 100% effort in, still haven't made a profit though, but I found it quite therapeutic.

    However this evening I looked through my drawings and there were some really horrible comments on the photos of my artwork which I spent hours and days on. Has anyone just had one of those moments where they just feel like giving up and that all the time has been wasted??

    I once went to a university interview to get into do art therapy which was my passion and dream job, and they just spent the whole time slating everything i had done , I did however think my stuff was good and I really pinned my hopes on it, I was devastated when the letter came through saying I hadn't got in. I stopped eating, stopped going out, my future which I pinned on myself was gone. 4 years later I'm here .....

    Tonight I have this same feeling. And I've closed down my business for good. I feel so upset but I just can't seem to take criticism well. It's all I've had to take since my very first memory. Criticism and bullies.

    How can I deal with this criticism in a better way? I have quite a high up job in finances and projects, I'm hoping to become quite senior quite quickly, but I just know someone will knock me back at the first hurdle, it's a very negative working environment, lots of judging people, alot older than me and ready to blame everyone for their mistakes. And the boss is ready to scream at anyone.

    I just worry that one day I'm going to become someone who just sits around with no ambition, no drive or energy, no passion, no friends, and no love( to be honest reckon I'm about halfway there), I need my drive and positivity back because I'm losing the will to fight anymore.
  2. Terry

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    As an artist (when I was younger) I would never show my work incase someone slated it.
    I did get offers to two well thought of art colleges, but didnt think I was good enough, even though I had been offered a place.

    Now I look back and think "you bloody fool" Even if I hadnt made it as an artist I would have know how good or bad I could be and that is the point I am trying to make (though going all round the houses ).

    What some people like others will slate, in the end KNOW YOUR OWN WORTH! There will always be someone slating your work, out of jealousy and spite usually.

    If you really want it, then go for it!
    Take more lessons, get the best portfolio you can; look into doing a psychology course, you will need that as well as art for art therapy work.
    If you want it then don't take no for an answer!
    And don't diss your business, businesses time to take off, stick at it and show the bullies two fingers!
  3. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    As a travel writer/journalist, I can understand how you feel, but criticism is all part of what it is to be an artist, be it drawing, writing, poetry, sculpting, whatever and helps you to see where you need to improve. Even if you spend days or months on something, just from a few bad comments to it should not mean that you have to take them to heart or quit doing something that you enjoy; if it is comments on-line, depending on the variations of what is said, choose only those that have constructive criticism over those that bash merely for the sake of it, since those are the comments from people who actually wish you to put yourself and your work forward in comparison to those who are simply trolling.
    Time and patience and determination is all that is required to improve what you do; as you will note when you compare some of your earlier drawings from what you have recently finished, noting an improvement, because of what you have learned in the years since then. If drawing is one of your passions, why let the words of other people keep you from doing it? The very definition of what it means to be passionate about something is that you you do it because you enjoy it, not for anyone else.
  4. shounagatsuki

    shounagatsuki Member

    Someday you'll get used to it. Since I started showcasing my artworks in 2010 I've got plenty insults masked as critique. Professionals (such as publishing editors) are not that harsh when criticizing, since they're aware that building a new artist' confidence is essential. So try to get more input from people who are competent in art field and not just some strangers online.
  5. Finance

    Finance Well-Known Member

    The comments on this thread are dead on, lost hope.

    Jealous, hateful people knocking what your proud of. Human nature for some.

    You're high up enough in finance to deal with it. I wouldn't say it if finance wasn't my occupation, also.
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