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A bit of help if possible

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I have a problem, which I need some suggestions for if at all possible.

I have a wound on my stomach that is infected. I have tried to treat it at home but the infection seems to be getting worse. I now have a temperature, nausea and dizziness along with quite a lot of pain and I think that now is the time to get it seen.

However, I need a believable story to explain why I have this wound. I was thinking about saying I did it myself but am worried as to what the consequences may be. I then thought that I could say I was mugged by an unknown attacker and didn't report it. Any suggestions?
Well, I personally would tell the truth. Just say something like...someone told uyou that SH releives stress and that you tried it, but it didn't work...something like that if I "HAD" lie.


Telling the truth is not an option. I just need a believable story that will fit.
If I were to say I did it myself what would be the likely consequences?


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Flat get to a hospital, you have an infection, quite a serious one given your symptoms. If they want to know how u got it tell them the truth, the worse thing that can happen is they give you some help.

Please please please get to hospital before it gets any worse.


I know I need to go. But I need a believable story first. I can't go unprepared. Telling the truth isn't an option so any suggestions would be greatly received.


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Dont tell them how you got it. They cant make you, just show them, perhaps tell them what it was that cut you, but you dont have to say how.


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Not knowing what kind of wound it is, I cannot help with the narrative...but I am concerned mostly about the fever...please get medical attention, no matter what you have to say...a plate broke and it gashed me...or alike...and also consider why it happened...just a thought...Jackie


I will see if I can go tomorrow. Didn;t really get chance today so had to struggle through. Seem to be shivering a lot yet I feel hot. Weird. Feel dizzy. Will definitely go tomorrow. The wound seems tobe opening up more and ive been squeezing the pus out until I see blood a few times a day but it hurts a lot when i do tyaht so i have to bite on a towel. Will definitely go tomorrow will bunk off school.
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