A bold statement. But I promise...

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    I don't know how to convey my emotions with a simple message. I've tried to explain why I feel the way I do before and it ended up to be about 10 pages long. Nobody had the patience to read it. So I will keep this as simple as I can while trying to convey the feelings. It actually makes me feel like throwing up to read some of the horrifying things that happen in this world.

    This is the most important thing I could say to anyone. I hope you all hear and take this to heart.

    I have been beaten, cursed at, taunted, pushed around, touched, neglected,

    I have been ABUSED

    After thinking for a long time and struggling to even deal with a constant desire to die, I made it. On my birthday of this year, March 2nd, I woke up almost completely anew. I know what happened. I know form my experiences that there are millions upon millions of people trying to survive with abuse and thoughts of suicide. I KNOW what you are going through. I HAVE been there. I will NEVER give up trying to save you!

    I weighed 342lbs at age 14. I had no friends. I WAS there! I want you to know! I am proof that it gets better! I am proof it can go away entirely!

    My best friend killed himself at age 16. I know I can't save everyone, but I will NEVER stop trying.

    I am going to go to collage! I am going to figure out a field in which Behavioral Science and Psychology combine. I will learn EVERYTHING I can to be able to help anyone! I will dedicate my life to the prevention of pain and suicide. I don't desire money or fame, I desire people to know you can get better too!

    Hang on for dear life! Quite literally! It is worth it!
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    Always good to hear positive stuff. Wtg. Best of luck with your future plans.
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