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a cautionary tale

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I hope no one else tries this. I didnt believe everyone when they said it hurt so much!! I am not even fully into it yet either. Dont take the pills no matter how desperate you are, i had it pointed out to me tonight what to expect now. wish i had chosen another way. Please all of you use me as an example and dont do this:sad: :stop:
I thought I would just pass out and go quietly!! no so. god i'm such a coward.

Well, if you die tonight, I'm sorry that it wasn't quiet or peaceful as you hoped it would be. And hope that your suffering truely ends and that you are at peace once you reach whatever it is you think comes after life. And I will remember your example and will not take pills, thanks for the warning mate. May your death be speedy and bear you no more pain.
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Oh Hadenuff62 hun im here for ya.i think thats useless but im here.

Anything you wanna talk aobut and im here.

i just want to hug you so much.You sound in such pain.i understand if youd want to fight me off though [some people dont like hugs!!!].

You just sound in so mjuch pain now.Physically and emotionally.

im sorry.


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Just wondering how your doing today, hope your feeling a bit better...been thinking of you.....Jodi
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