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A Celebration Of Mothers

This thread honours and celebrates the reappearance of the Great Mother of all life into the conscious awareness of our world. She is the nurturing and caring principle of the whole of Creation and every human and animal mother is one of the many physical manifestations of Her infinite wisdom and love.

May Celebration For The Great Mother Of All Life

Bring flowers of the rarest,
Bring blossoms the fairest,
From garden and woodland
And hillside and dale.
Our full hearts are swelling,
Our glad voices telling
The praise of the loveliest flower of the vale.

Great Mother, we crown Thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May.
Great Mother, we crown Thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May,

Their Lady they name Thee,
Their Mistress proclaim Thee,
Oh, grant that Thy children on Earth be as true,
As long as the bowers
Are radiant with flowers,
As long as the azure shall keep its bright hue.

Great Mother, we crown Thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May,
Great Mother, we crown Thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May,

Sing gaily in chorus,
The bright Angels o’er us
Re-echo the strains we begin upon Earth.
Their harps are repeating
The notes of our greeting,
And You, Great Mother,
Are the cause of our mirth.

This hymn is sung during the ‘May Crowning’ of a statue of Mary in May.
Mary is one of the many symbolisms for the Great Mother of all life.

Author unknown
Edited by Aquarius

Recommended Viewing:
‘The Dance Of The Flowers’
Towards the end of April the Sun moves into earthy and sensuous Taurus. This is a time that presents us and our world with a dramatic change of tempo. After the breakneck speed and impatience of Mars in fiery Aries, Venus in earthy Taurus enters the main stage. In this sign the planet finds some of its finest feminine expressions and brings to souls born into it, as well as everybody else at this time of the year, a wonderful sense of enjoyment and appreciation of the good things in life. Gracefully and with a deliberately measured pace, Earth presents herself as a beautiful young bride. Bedecked with a profusion of flowers, blossoms and new greenery as far as the eye can see, she reveals to us the freshness of as yet unspoilt youth.

Sun in Aries represents the renewed betrothal of Mother Earth and Father Sun. But when the Sun moves into Taurus they are celebrating their wedding feast. The Universe invites all of us to take time out and enjoy with all our senses one of the greatest Cosmic events, of which the betrothal, the wedding feast with its renewal of all life on the Earth plane are outer physical manifestations of what’s happening on the inner levels of life.

When it’s springtime in the Northern hemisphere and all of nature is stirring after its winter rest, spring blossoms appear everywhere in breathtaking abundance and beauty. Admiring them, let us remind ourselves from time to time of the process of spiritual growth and harmony that is constantly at work behind any manifestation in the world around us. All children of the Universal Life Force, who are aware of this, have their work cut out for themselves, not merely on the physical plane but by adding their voices to the Angelic choirs of praise and thanksgiving that forms an essential part of the great orchestra of life.

Watching Mother Nature newly unfolding helps us to become more aware of and in tune with those who are beavering behind the outer form of life, to bring us fresh evidence of God’s life manifesting itself in our world. Whenever an opportunity for it arises, let us therefore get out and about and under he canopy of Heaven enjoy the shelter and shade of the mighty branches of the Universal Tree of Life, God, and absorb His/Her blessings of healing and peace for ourselves and all lifeforms, visible and invisible, that shares world with us.
Motherly Love

Soaking wet from a downpour
One day in my childhood I arrived home.
My brother asked: ‘Why didn’t you take an umbrella?’
My sister said: ‘Why you didn’t you wait until the rain had stopped?
My father added: ‘If you’ve caught a cold,
It’ll be your own fault.’

My mother however, while drying my hair,
Said: ‘Give thanks and praise, my child,
For having received a special gift from the Universe.
Every drop of rain and every snowflake
That falls from the Heavens
Blesses and heals the Earth.
And as there’s nothing finer than rainwater
For human complexions,
We’ll it just let it dry on your face.’

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

From Healing Corner For Parents And Children’

* * *

The Miracle And Wonder Of God’s Creation

The Elements – Water

One of Mother Earth’s most precious resources is water. Let’s take a closer look at it, the stuff with whose appearance earthly life once became possible and the first primitive lifeforms began to appear. To this day it remains one of the greatest gifts of our world. Whilst partaking in a cup of it the other day, the thought flashed through my mind: ‘Isn’t water one of Earth’s greatest wonders?’ Never before had it occurred to me that this element is a self-perpetuating one and that there must always have been the same amount of it, ever since our planet’s surface began to cool down and water formed. Therefore, it stands to reason that the water we are drinking now has been recycled millions and millions of times. In endless cycles it must have gone through every ocean, lake and river, plant, animal and human being that ever dwelled on the Earth.

Each time the water passes through anything or anyone, a small amount of that object’s entire energy, positive as well as negative, remains in the water. Condensation is taking place at all times everywhere on the Earth, especially when the Sun is shining and on large surfaces of water. Some of it evaporates and rises as condensation into the sky. In the higher regions the Angels of the Air and of the Etheric elements are cleansing it of the negative Earth vibrations it has acquired. The water is then recharged with positive energies.

On the higher and highest levels of life endless numbers of beings, who so far remain invisible to earthly eyes, are ceaselessly toiling for the good of our world. Let us not forgive to give thanks and praise to all of them. Thanks to them, whenever clouds form and rain begins to fall, our planet and everything on it quite literally receives a blessing. And with every drop of rain that falls we and our world are being cleansed and healed.

Because of this process our drinking water by now must be richer than ever before. For quite some time, I have developed the habit of blessing the water I drink, giving thanks for it, as well as doing the same for whatever else I return to the Earth. Although this makes me feel a bit silly at times, I truly am grateful and wish to express my gratitude in some way. To my mind, this is as good a one as any for putting positive and loving thoughts and energies into Mother Earth, which she so desperately needs.

Over seventy percent of our physical bodies, the vehicle for our present lifetime, consist of water and all our emotional responses to people and situations are constantly flowing through this part of our being, which is known as our emotional body and our soul. In many small ways and at any given moment, there is something we all can do for the blessing and healing of Mother Earth. Even the tiniest amount of positive energy any one of us sends forth helps to absorb and transmute a bit more of her negative energies, of which to this day there are far too many, into constructive and positive ones. I cannot think of any simpler and more effective way of beneficially influencing the human pool of consciousness.

Reflecting on these things it dawned on me why I have always loved a rainy day, especially walking in the rain. I had often wondered why this makes me feel so good. I cannot understand people who, when they look out of the window first thing in the morning and it is raining, groan: ‘What a miserable day.’ There can be no better manner in which to spoil a day for oneself. To me, every day is a good one because it is a gift from the Highest, filled with wonder and miracles, if we but open our eyes and hearts, to perceive them.

Rainy days to me are particularly good for sending our love to Mother Earth. In any case, why spoil any moment with negative thoughts and feelings by insisting that something is bad, when in truth it is quite neutral and can with the greatest of ease be turned into something special, positive and uplifting?
A Mother’s Love

Naturally, there are exceptions to any rule, including this one. But generally speaking, nobody loves us like mothers are capable of loving their children. Somewhere in the finely meshed fabric of life, the love that existed between the earthly mother of our present lifetime and us in previous ones wove a strong golden cord that connects us with her. Ideally, this bond is not one of possession but of protection and caring, of being there for us whenever we are in need of it. In our younger days we may perceive this as a strain of over-watchfulness and too many questions. But time, the old equaliser, is likely to reveal to us eventually that the quality of her love has been less selfish than we thought, and more precious than we ever dreamed it could be.

The best part of the relationship with our earthly mother is not the blood connection, but the karmic ties between us that may be reaching a long way back into previous lifetimes. That’s the main reason why she opted for playing this role for us in this one. She did this because that’s what she wanted and not because it was her duty. It was of her own free will that she choose to be our mother and ours to come through her and be her child. Even if there are still some unresolved issues between us when she has returned into the world of light, the awareness of this sets us free to say things like: ‘I love you, mama’.

To paraphrase Quanah Parker from the Native American Comanche tribe: ‘Comanche may die tomorrow or in ten year’s time, but when the end of one lifetime comes for any of us, we know that there will be a reunion the world of spirit. That’s where I am going to see my mother again.’

But even if the mother of our present lifetime could not love and attend to us the way we would have liked her to, the Great Father/Mother of all life has always provided for all our needs and accepted us just the way we were at any given moment. Providing us with an unloving mother for our present lifetime happened for the wise higher reason of teaching us some valuable lesson and to provide us with opportunities for redeeming some of our karmic debts. And wherever our evolutionary pathway may still have to take us in our earthly existence, the Great Father/Mother loves each one of us totally and unconditionally and will forever do so.

Joyce Sequichie Hifler
Edited by Aquarius

From Healing Corner For Parents And Children’

* * *​
The Honours Degree

Why, when I am on the phone and one of my children walks into the room and asks to be taken somewhere, do I get nothing but blank stares from them? I can feel my inner self rebelling each time something of this nature happens and I would like to shout: ‘Can’t you see I’m on the phone?’ Yet, I control myself and say nothing. No-one seems to notice me whether I am on the phone, cooking or sweeping the floor, I could even be standing on my head in a corner. And that makes me wonder whether I am invisible.

At times I appear to be nothing but a pair of hands when I hear someone saying: ‘Can you fix this? ‘Can you tie this?’ ‘Can you open this?’ Sometimes it feels as I were not even a pair of hands, never mind a human being. I feel like a clock that can be asked: ‘What time is it?’ or a satellite guide who can answer questions like: ‘What number is the Disney Channel?’ On other occasions my family treats me as if I were a taxi driver who is on call at all times and responds to commands like: ‘5.30 pm at Shirley’s, please!’

On such occasions I might look at my hands. They are the same ones that held books and my eyes are still the ones that studied what now seems a long time ago. I am still the person who graduated with honours and who held down a responsible position for a good number of years. But then my thoughts wander to my children. All along they have been my teachers and one day when they have grown up, hopefully into sensible and responsible adults, I shall reflect on the times when they were young. This may enable me to see how much they have helped me to graduate in the great school of life with honours and that what I am doing now is much more valuable to me as well as the whole of life than any University degrees could ever be, important though they may be at the time.

Sometimes I can’t help looking back and asking myself: ‘Have all those things vanished from me without a trace, never to be seen again?’ When a tinge of sadness creeps in, I remind myself that I gave them up freely and willingly, because more than anything else in the whole wide world I wanted children of my own, a home and a family I could pour all my love into. Each time the thought strikes me: ‘Who was the person who did the things I mentioned earlier? Where is she now?’ my inner guidance responds with: ‘She has not left you, she is still here, but she has changed and grown immensely through her offspring. She’s less selfish and more loving and thoughtful than she used to be.’

Apart from everything, the survival of our species is tied up with the joys of earthly parenthood. By providing new vehicles for those who in truth are not our children but God’s, we are making invaluable contributions towards the evolutionary progress of ourselves through becoming more likeable people. This is also true for those who enter into a another earthly lifetime through us, the whole of humankind, our world and ultimately the whole of Creation. And that’s how, hand in hand with God and the Angels, all of us together are constantly marching forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life into better and more peaceful times.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *​
Great Cathedrals

I am a mother of four young children and belong to a group of friends. One evening we were having dinner together to welcome one of our members home. Janice is one of our circle and we were celebrating her return from a fabulous trip. Telling us of her adventures, she went on and on about the places she had seen and the hotels she stayed in. And there was I, looking at the others who were all turned out so well. It was hard not to compare myself with them. My out of style dress was the only thing I could find that was clean enough and because I had no time for washing my hair before I left our house, I tied it into a knot. And just for a moment I was afraid a smell of peanut butter might cling to me and waft to the others. I have to admit I was feeling rather sorry for myself.

But then Janice turned to me with a beautifully wrapped package and said: ‘I brought you this.’ It was a book on the great cathedrals of Europe. I wasn’t sure why she had given it to me, until I saw her dedication, which read: ‘To my friend, with admiration for the greatness of what you are building and what no-one can see.’ During the coming days, I devoured the book and found in it four truths that changed my perspective of life entirely. To my astonishment I discovered that the life of the builders of the great cathedrals of our world had been very similar to mine.

Let me explain. Nobody knows who the builders were, as no records of the names of most of them are available anywhere. As a matter of fact, they dedicated a whole lifetime to a work they would never see finished. Therefore they are unlikely to have expected any credit for their efforts. Their enthusiasm and love for their project may well have been fuelled by the belief that they were building for the glory of God and that the all-seeing eye of God would appreciate any sacrifices that had to be made.

The book contains a legend about a rich man who came to visit one of the cathedrals while it was under construction. For a while he watched a workman who was busy carving a tiny bird on the inside of a beam. The rich man was so puzzled by this that he asked the workman: ‘Why are you spending so much time carving that bird into a beam that will be covered by the roof? No-one will ever see it.’ ‘Ah,’ the other one replied: ‘It’s for God. The almighty sees everything.’

When I closed the book, the small still voice of my inner guidance whispered: ‘Your efforts are not for nothing either. I am the living God within you. I am as much part of you as you are of Me. At all times I see even the tiniest sacrifice anyone is making, even though no-one else may do so. No act of kindness, no button sewn on or cake baked is too small a labour of love for Me to notice and be pleased about. Be proud for you too are involved in the construction of a great building. You cannot yet see what it will be one day. It may even take until you return into the world of spirit, but from there too you will know that your efforts have not been wasted and that the seeds you have been sowing are bearing fruit, one way or another.’

It’s good to know that, just as the builders of the cathedrals are looking at their achievements from the other side of the veil of consciousness, at the latest I too will be able to view the results of my efforts when I join them. But, wait a minute. Some of those great edifices are hundreds of years old, so in the meantime their designers and builders could have been recycled many times. Just think! At this very moment they could be standing in front of one of those old churches, admiring the work of their own minds and hands, unaware of what kind of an input they once had into its creation. They may inexplicably feel drawn to it, as if by some giant invisible magnet, to stand and gaze upon and admire it. Isn’t it an amazing world we live in?

Sometimes when I am together with my children, they are so focussed on experiencing their young lives that I cannot help a feeling of being invisible. I do not allow this to spoil my enjoyment of my offspring because I recognise that such feelings are a good cure for my self-centeredness. My newly found vision of being a great builder helps me to keep the right perspective on my children, my life and myself. It helps me to know that I too am one of those people who are working hard at a job they may never see finished during their present lifetime and that may never bear my name.

The author of my book wrote that no cathedrals could ever be built in our present times for the simple reason that nobody would be willing to make the required sacrifices. Come to think of it, I would not want my daughter to tell the friend she brings home from college for Thanksgiving: ‘My mother is wonderful! She got up at four in the morning to bake some homemade pies and then hand-basted a turkey for three hours. On top of that she cleaned the whole house to make it look and feel good.’ I do not care for building myself shrines and monuments. I just want my children to come home. And if there is anything my children say to their friends, I hope it will be something like: ‘You’re going to love it, I’m sure.’

No matter what anyone may say about us mothers, in the great plan of life we are playing an essential role. Without us our world could not continue to exist. We are the representatives and temporary substitutes of the Great Mother, who gives life through all her daughters. Like her, lovingly and silently we give of our best, safe in the knowledge that She and Her Angels are going to take care of the rest. As co-creators with God, women are doing their share of building mighty cathedrals, metaphorically speaking. No-one, except God, can see the many sacrifices and efforts each one of these works takes. But throughout the ages, hasn’t our world at all times been marvelling at what wonderful work women are doing by bringing up their children?

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius​

* * *​
Wise Mothers

This is a gift from the wisdom and love of Me, the Great Mother of all Life, to My human manifestations on the Earth plane. It is dedicated to those who are planning to become wise mothers in their own right and to any woman who already is one. It is also for the fortunate ones who presently have a wise earthly mother as well as for those who once had one like this.

• Truly wise mothers know that their children are My children, the same as they themselves are. They are aware that their offspring are merely coming through them and are not of them and therefore not some kind of parent property. The awareness of this helps them to let go of their young ones easily, when the time for doing so has come.

• Wise mothers appreciate when to give something to their child and when it is better to withhold, so that through this the child learns to appreciate the value of what it desires.

• Wise mothers know that children’s growth is not merely measured by their height and age or their grades at school, but even more so by their understanding of the higher purpose and meaning of their earthly existence.

• Wise mothers are aware that the child that has entrusted itself into her care for its present lifetime is by no means an empty vessel that is waiting to be filled. They realise that their child could be a reincarnation of a much older and more experienced soul than they themselves are, who has come to teach her many things.

• Wise mothers are grateful that the child has chosen to come through her into another lifetime in the hope of getting the support that is necessary for the full unfoldment of the junior’s special gifts and talents, which could have taken many lifetimes to develop. The memories of all its learning from previous earthly sojourns are stored in its soul and can be reached through its subconscious.

• Wise mothers understand that in all of us, without being aware of it, we are constantly tapping into the memories of our soul and that they influence everything we do in positive or negative ways, depending on how we have prepared ourselves in previous lifetimes for the present one. Wise mothers realise that this also applies to the development of her offspring.

* * *​
A Prayer For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a modern celebration that has its origin in North America. It honours our own mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society in general. This day is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May.

The celebration of Mother’s Day began in the United States in the early twentieth century and is not related to the many festivities of mothers and motherhood that have been part of our world over thousands of years, such as the Greek cult to Cybele, the Roman festival of Hilaria or the Christian Mothering Sunday celebration, which originally celebrated the church as mother of humankind, not motherhood in general. Despite this, in many countries Mother’s Day has become synonymous with these older traditions.

O Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of all life
And Your love so Divine.
I thank You for the love
Of a mother like mine.

In Your infinite mercy
Look down from above
And bless my dear mother
With the gift of Your love.

And all through the year,
Whatever betide her,
Show her each day
That You are inside her.

Beloved Father/Mother,
Show me the way
How I can help her
And brighten her day.

Bless her dear heart
With the ability to see
That her love means more
Than the world to me.

Helen Steiner Rice
Edited by Aquarius

Let us also pray in thankfulness for the mothers of our present lifetime who have already returned to the world of spirit for their hard earned and well deserved rest. Included in this prayer are mothers who, in their most recent lifetime, followed and acted out the drives and urges of their lower earthly nature, instead of bringing forth the best qualities of their higher Christ nature. By showing their children through their behaviour how they do not want to be, mothers create heavy karmic burdens for themselves, even though at the same time they are acting as invaluable teachers for their offspring.

As every human being is on the same evolutionary pathway, by agreeing to play this part in our lives such mothers – mine was one of them – are slowing down their spiritual development and maybe even bringing it to a standstill for that particular lifetime. And for that, we as their children owe them an extra special debt of gratitude.

* * *​
Changing Perceptions

At various ages the child may say about its mother:
4 – My Mummy is a miracle! She can do anything and knows everything!
8 – My Mum knows a lot! A whole lot!
12 – She really doesn’t know quite everything.
14 – Naturally, Mother doesn’t know that, either.
16 – Mother? She’s hopelessly old fashioned.
18 – That old woman? She’s way out of date!
25 – Let’s ask Mum – she might know a little bit about this.
35 – Before I decide, I’ll get Mum’s opinion.
45 – I wonder what Mum would have thought about it?
65 – If only I could talk it over with Mum once more. Well, let’s meditate on it and ask the wisdom of the Great Mother in my heart to guide and help me.

A woman’s true beauty does not express itself in the clothes she wears, the figure she has or what hairstyle she chooses. It can only be seen in her eyes. They are the mirror or her soul, the doorway to her heart and the place where love dwells. Real beauty in women and men alike is eternal and comes from their soul; outer things like moles and warts cannot mar it. It expresses itself in the way they care for those around them and the love they apply to everything they do. That is the only kind of beauty that truly counts and lasts forever. The main purpose of every human being’s earthly existence is the discovery of this kind of beauty within themselves, so that through manifesting it in all their daily encounters it can increase with the passing of the years.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

From Healing Corner For Parents And Children’

* * *​
An Exhausted Mother’s Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep
And pray that my sanity I shall keep.
For if some peace I do not find,
It won’t take long till I lose my mind.

I pray to find some peace and quiet,
Far away from my family’s usual riot,
For lying down without having to think
About what they may be putting down the sink,
Or who they are with and what they are at,
And the things they could be doing to our cat.

I pray for time all to myself,
But lo!
Did something just fall off a shelf?
Time for resting in my nice soft bed,
Unaware that they’re painting one of my curtains red.
How much I’d give for a silent moment!
Oh, for goodness sake,
Did I just hear a window break?

I dream I need neither cook nor clean.
Well, everybody has the right to dream.
And so I lay me down to sleep
And pray for my wits to keep,
But when I look around I know
I must have lost them long ago.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *​
Woman’s Tears

A little boy once asked his mother:
‘Why are you crying?’
Smiling at him through her tears,
She replied: ‘Because I’m a woman,’
‘I don’t understand that,’ he said.
Hugging him, his mother answered:
‘Maybe you never will’.

Dissatisfied, the boy turned to his father:
‘Why does mother sometimes seem to cry for no reason?’
His dad shrugged: ‘I suppose women just are like that.
Sometimes they cry for no reason.’

When the little boy had grown into a man
He was still wondering why it should be that women
Are much more easily moved to tears than men.
And then, one fine day,
He decided to turn to his inner guidance
And asked:
‘Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all Life,
Can you tell me why it is that women cry so easily?’

The wise one within replied:
‘The female of your species
Is something extra special.
The part of Me that is the Father of all life
Created her in the image of
My beloved companion, the Great Mother.
The women of your world
Possess the Mother’s emotional and spiritual strength.
This helps them in times of crises
To carry the weight that is put on their shoulders,
Being loving and caring,
Gentle and supportive,
Capable of bringing comfort and healing
To everything that comes her way.

This gives the women of your world
The inner strength to endure childbirth and
Even the rejection that often
Meets her from her own children later in life,
Just like many of you to this day refuse to know
The Great Mother and Me.

Her strength is in your mother,
The same as in all other women.
It enables many of them to keep going
When others are giving up.
Their love makes them willing to care for
And steer the boat of their families through hard times,
Sickness, depression and death of the physical body
Frequently without complaining.

Wise ones love their children the way I,
The great Father/Mother of all life,
Love each one of you,
Totally and unconditionally,
Without expecting anything in return.
That’s why mothers, even when they have been
Upset and hurt badly by their children,
Do not stop loving them.

The high emotional sensitivity of the feminine
Connects women with the feelings of those around them.
Their empathy enables them to forgive their children
For the errors and mistakes they inevitably make.
Wise ones realise that each has to walk their
Own pathway through life,
Mothers as well as their offspring.
Even though they share their children’s anxieties and fears,
They do their best to use what their own life has taught them
To alleviate those of their children.

That’s how it comes about that your mother
Is capable of loving the men in her life,
Starting with her father, her husband and you,
In spite of any masculine shortcomings you may display.
She knows that a good husband would not dream of
Hurting or harming his wife,
But that sometimes you are sent tests and trials
That are designed to bring forth and develop
Someone’s inner strength.
Wise women uses theirs to stand by
Anyone who is in need of it,
Through thick as much as through thin.

The feminine is the soul of your world and all worlds.
Same as the Great Mother, the feminine of your world
Is My truly beloved.
Woman is part of the soft and sensitive,
Caring, nurturing and loving
Part of Me that is the Goddess.
I am Her masculine counterpart,
Which to many of you is known as God.
I am alive in Her and through Her
The whole of My Creation has come into being,
Including you and all My other children of the Earth.

Woman is the Goddess’s representative on the Earth plane.
The women in your life are outer manifestations
Of your own inner woman, your delicate and sensitive
Feminine side, your soul.
Take good care of both of them
And avoid causing them unnecessary suffering,
As on the inner plane all life is one.
Therefore, everybody else’s pain is also your pain,
And every tears that are shed anywhere are your tears.
They are tears of your whole world.

Because of her high emotional sensitivity,
Woman can shed tears much more easily then man.
They are her safety valve when she feels hurt and upset,
It’s hers to use whenever the need for it arises.
Her tears never are a sign of weakness but of strength.
Quite frequently they are wept
For the sake and on behalf of
The suffering of the whole of humankind.

Recommended Reading:
‘The Tears Of Your World’

From Healing Corner For Parents And Children’

* * *​
The Healing Properties Of Tears

Baby cried the day the circus came to town,
‘Cos she didn’t like parades just passing by her.
So she painted on a smile and took up with some clown
And she danced without a net upon the wire.
I know a lots about her ‘Cos you see,
Baby is an awful lot like me.

Baby saw the day they pulled the big top down.
They left behind her dreams among the litter.
And the different kind of love she thought she’d found
Was nothing more than sawdust and some glitter
But baby can’t be broken ‘Cos you see,
She had the finest teacher, that’s me!

I taught her don’t cry out loud, just keep it inside
Learn how to hide your feelings, fly high and proud
And if you should fall, remember you almost had it all.
Don’t cry out loud, keep it inside.

Peter Allen & Carol Bayer Seeger

* * *
The above is by no means sound advice. Nothing could be further from the truth than to assume that weepiness is a sign of the onset of some kind of illness. I can tell you from first hand experience that quite the opposite is true and that the ability to weep indicates a state of emotional and spiritual well-being. We are emotional beings and it is important for us to occasionally have some good emotional outpourings for the cleansing and purifying of our system. If you have ever tasted any of your tears when they roll down your face, you are sure to have noticed how bitter they taste.

Not for nothing does the Jesus legend in St Matthew 5:4 tell us: ‘Blessed are those who mourn [and weep], for they shall be comforted.’ But how? I see weeping as God’s/the Universe’s/Nature’s way of comforting and healing those whose feelings and emotions have been hurt and wounded. Delete the words that don’t appeal to you, as each one has the same meaning.

The great wisdom and love of our Creator reflects itself in the wonderful way crying rids our physical bodies of salts and toxins. Not letting them flow freely on a regular basis can lead to arthritic conditions later in life. It is hardly surprising that rheumatism and arthritis are so rampant in our world, when there is so little awareness about the true nature of tears. If you do not believe me, ask your great-uncle Tom or someone like him, who has been suffering from one of those conditions, for a long time.

Go up to this person when they are warming and nursing their arthritic joints by the fireside. Surprise them by asking: ‘When did you last have a good cry?’ The likelihood is that they will laugh into your face: ‘Me, cry? I never cry. Haven’t cried since I fought in the trenches in the First World War! Don’t bother me with questions like that, I’ve got me arthritis to see to.’ They’ll never believe you, but if from time to time they’d had a good cry, they’d still have their mobility. And if you act upon what you know now, you’ll never lose yours!

But that’s not all! During crying our body releases an anti-depressant, which our own glandular system produces. That is why one feels cleansed, refreshed, restored and comforted, after a good outpouring. With infinite wisdom, God created us to be emotional beings so that we could experience the world of our feelings, and also gave us a natural outlet for them. The wise ones among us act upon this knowledge! Should you want to understand better what happens to our bodies after crying, take a good look at the countryside after a downpour. See and feel what nature is like, try to become a part of it, when it has been freshly scrubbed, and everything is green and wonderfully vibrant once again!

Weeping clearly is not an illness, unless we make it into one by believing that we must be ill because we are so weepy, if you see what I mean. I have explained the process in such detail in the hope that, from now onwards, you will rest safely in the knowledge that there is nothing wrong with you for feeling the way you will be doing, a lot of the time. However, a word of warning should not come amiss! If you would like to avoid being considered a nuisance by the world around you, who does not understand what you are going through, you would be well advised not to fall into the trap of acting out the downside of Cancer, the sign that deals with home, mother and the past, ruled by the Moon.

Those born into the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, suffer from high emotional sensitivity and their feelings get hurt all too easily. Because of this they are frequently in danger of feeling excessively sorry for themselves. Especially people with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Cancer are well advised if they take care not to allow themselves too much to wallow in self-pity and on the look-out for a shoulder to cry and lean on. It’s astonishing how unaware they can be of how trying that is for those around them to cope with.

Needless to say, that’s not what transformation is about! It’s about coming home into and healing – each their own inner home! What’s at stake here is the re-discovery of our own inner centre. This is the place from which all true strength comes and the only place in the whole wide world where we can find true peace through re-establishing our inner connection with the source of all life, our Creator Father/Mother. As some truly ancient soul memories are stirred up in this process, unpleasant though it frequently is, it is not surprising that while one still looks at things too superficially some of these memories seem to want to overwhelm and haunt us. These experiences are not meant to exacerbate us, but come to us for the perfectly good and sound purpose of releasing them, once and for all, so that the past can be blessed, healed and forgiven.

By far the easiest way of doing this through coming to terms with the fact that life on Earth is not our true reality but a place of learning. Like in any school each one of us has to take part in every lesson Earth life has to offer, because they alone can help us grow and make progress in our individual evolution and that of our whole world. I hope and pray that being aware that you are likely to be unusually sensitive and touchy whilst undergoing your personal transformation will assist you in being as kind, gentle, compassionate, loving and patient with yourself, as you would be with a small wounded child, who does not understand the world too well, as yet.

After all, that’s what we all in truth are, certainly in the eyes of God. Therefore, create your own nurturing space and go into it as frequently as you can. This will help you to find your own inner strength, which you will discover and be able to tap into through the healing of your inner connection with God. Once it has been established, you will discover that you will never feel the need to lean on others or yearn for another shoulder to cry on, because you will prefer to draw upon your own inner strength, which is the purpose of the whole exercise.

Having mentioned the therapeutic value of crying, I would like to draw your attention to one or two more things. It is good, right and important – especially for the male of the species – to indulge our feelings when we feel sad and lonely, and in need of a good cry, because all the pain that is within us can then flow out. As this is a cleansing and healing process, we ignore it to our detriment. It is alright to let it happen, but not all the time! We must also be willing to be helped and to help ourselves. How much truth there is in the saying: ‘God helps those who help themselves!’ If we sit around doing nothing but cry, we are guilty of wallowing and drowning in self-pity. Such a lack of self-discipline will get us nowhere!

Spiritually, each one of us is a small child of God. For a very long time, we are unable to understand the difficulties we have had in the past and/or are experiencing now. Why did and does everything happen to us and why are we hurting so much? It is our birthright, at all times, not only when we are going through a difficult patch, to reach out for the hand of God, to bless and heal us, as well as for the helping hands of our spirit guides and Angels. When we do this, the channels of communication between us and them open and they can draw ever closer to bring us all the comfort and healing we need. Without asking this would be impossible and if we deny ourselves our crying and calling out for help, no healing can take place within us.

* * *​
The Tears Of Your World

‘I am He who comforts you, who are you to be afraid?’
You are on the Earth plane so that, in the fullness of time, each one of you can grow into a seeker of My wisdom and truth, instead of gullibly swallowing – as you were required to do in previous ages and lifetimes – what others placed before you. To expand their consciousness there eventually comes a moment for all human souls on the Earth plane when they begin to increasingly feel an urge to go in search of their own wisdom and truth that gives them a better understanding of the purpose and meaning of their existence and in the end takes their whole being back into the oneness with Me. Evolving into a fully conscious integral part of Me for all of you is an extraordinary journey of exploration and discovery of a thousand miles that may consist of many thousands of lifetimes on the Earth.

Tears have always been one of the most essential and valuable ingredients of your pathway through any of these sojourns. That’s why I told you through the Jesus legend in St Matthew 5:4: ‘Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.’ You may often have wondered how this should be. The Bible speaks of a comforter who in due course will come to you. However, in truth this solace giving being is a part of you that has always been with you. It is Me, I am the one who comforts you. How do I do it? By dwelling inside you. Since time immemorial, during periods of struggle and trauma, no matter of what nature and how severe, I have been with you. When you have finished thrashing about and sit down to have a good weep, through the tears you shed I am the one who brings you comfort and healing. Crying causes a chemical reaction in your system that releases endorphins into your bloodstream and from there flows into every cell of your physical bodies.

The ancient folk wisdom that crying is good for your health is based on this and by now has been confirmed by the scientific researchers of your world. In every part of it crying has always been one of the main outlets for all earthly selves to release and let go of the inner pain and suffering of their souls. Up to recently the only thing you knew about crying was that traumatic events, prolonged stress, loneliness, loss, pain and frequently just simple daily upsets and struggles can trigger it. Tears of rage and frustration, impotence and helplessness, remorse and guilt are as much part of the gamut of the world of your feelings, as those of happiness and joy. This is one of the great paradoxes of Earth life that demonstrates to you how closely related all your feelings are.

The more spiritually mature you become, the better you will grasp that in the final analysis every pain and sorrow you have to endure is also an essential part of your joy, because in times of suffering you grow closer to Me and My world, your true home. Wise ones who already have grown sufficiently in wisdom and understanding no longer begrudge their tears, but welcome them as My harbingers of healing and peace. If you suffer from a spiritual guilt complex, let go of it. You are not some kind of worm or miserable sinner, as some to this day would like to make you believe. You are nothing of the kind. Each one of you is My beloved child, a young God in the making.

As many different kinds of evolutionary lessons had to be imbibed by each one of you, individually and collectively, your pathway up to now has been an extremely tough and stormy one. But, unbeknown to you for a very long time, I never left you. As the small still voice of conscience, I have always guided and protected you from within the very core of your own being. My Angels and your Masters on the higher and highest levels of life are watching every step one of you makes. Whenever someone reaches out to them, they are only too happy to help – for those are My instructions.

I have never left you and your world without a witness of My eternal truths. Through a general lack of understanding much of them have been misinterpreted and even abused for personal gains. However, the further you and your world move forwards into the enlightenment of the Aquarian Age and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, there will be less and less need for these distortions, as by now ever more of you are ready to receive My wisdom directly from me.

You are as much part of Me as I am of you. I am merciful and I love you. I do not enjoy your painful experiences any more than you do. I have never left you and will in all Eternity be with you. Whenever traumatic events cannot be avoided in your life because that is the only way for you to learn a certain lesson, all you have to do is reach out for the helping hands of the Angels and Me. Your own life alone can teach you total and utter trust in Me and My truth, and the fact that I will never leave or fail you and that I will eternally be there for you.

* * *​
The Health Benefits Of Crying

How often and for what reasons you weep can be influenced by many factors, for example gender, age, perception of events, the attitudes of the societies surrounding you, health, personality characteristics and so forth. In the past, all you knew about weeping had come from poetry, fiction writing and films. At last, medical and psychological studies have been added onto this that provide strong and consistent evidence that crying does indeed have significant health benefits.

Your researchers now recognise that four biological mechanisms function as catalysts for the amount of tears you shed at a given time. Genetic influences are to be considered, as well as dietary factors, hormone levels and circadian rhythms, which means that you are more likely to cry when you have been deprived of sleep and at certain times of the day. Once the tears start to flow a complex interplay of psychological and neurobiological processes gets going. Although very little is as yet known about the processes that initiate the starting and ending of an outburst of tears, recent studies give strong clues as to how and why crying is essential for your wellbeing. This is mostly experienced through the sense of relief you feel after an intense bout of crying.

You now know that its onset has been caused by a significant increase in toxic stress hormones, which your body releases as a cry for help from its indwelling spirit and soul into your physical body. When there is enough build-up and you are willing to open the sluice gates, the tears begin to flow and releases them from your system. If you refuse to pay attention and give in, they are left undisturbed and get to work on damaging and interfering with all your physical functions. Serious damage to the cells of your brain are caused this way, especially to the parts known as hippocampus, hypothalamus and pre-frontal cortex. The harmful hormones attack the very brain sites that perpetuate mood disorders and damage the sites that are capable of healing you by reducing or eliminating them.

Studies have also revealed how stress hormones negatively affect virtually all your body systems, namely the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, musculoskeletal and immune ones. This shows how crying is safety valve through which your physical bodies to rid themselves of substances that would otherwise be harmful to you. At long last, you have the scientific proof – so essential to many – of My wisdom that provides all of you with a facility for crying as a natural and essential biological function with which you can eliminate the harmful stress hormones which, as by now you know, are the cause of all stress related health problems.

That’s the reason why you feel relieved after a good cry. It’s the highest time that ever more of you find out about the health benefits that can be gained from regular outpourings of your souls. Finding out about the many positive health effects that crying really does bring will go a long way towards removing the stigma about crying that to this day exists in many people’s minds. Having tried and tested it, the wise ones among you are aware that crying makes them feel refreshed and renewed after each good outpouring. When they feel a bout of weeping close, they find a quiet place where they can be undisturbed and without disruptions for a while. Then they give into their weeping and call for the healing Angels to bring them their gifts, which inevitably come. They try to encourage others to do the same for themselves.

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In The Name Of Love

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides from the book ‘Spiritual Unfoldment’, which was first published in the 1940s: ‘The law of life is love and in the course of many lifetimes every human being is destined to evolve into a young God * and that is someone who loves God’s way, totally, unconditionally and above all wisely and being able to give without expecting anything in return. However, in the early stages of your earthly education you frequently misunderstand sentiment as love. During that phase of your development you try to cover your weaknesses and faults by saying that you are doing things in the name of love.

‘Alas, for as long as you are blinded in this way you cannot yet perceive the true needs of those around you, i.e. their spiritual requirement for learning, each through their own experiences, so that through this you grow in understanding and wisdom. This prevents you from giving real service. It causes you to give foolishly in ways that indulge the other one and indirectly your own selfishness. This brings to mind devoted parents who give their children everything they demand, in the belief that what they are doing is an expression of their love. Instead of creating opportunities through which their offspring can learn and grow, such parents are robbing their youngsters of the means for self-development and self-expression.

‘More highly evolved parents are aware that the Great Mother allows all Her children to come to their own decisions and make their own mistakes, so they can learn from them and do better next time round. Being a wise parent does not mean you are cold and indifferent towards your children. Quite the opposite is true. Your love is so great and you are so wise that you recognise your children’s requirement for experiencing life, each in its own unique and special way. The greatest gift any parent can give their offspring is as early as possible encouraging them to come to their own conclusions and make their own decisions. When you have learnt to love God’s way, you will know when to give and when to withhold something and for how long, as this helps your child to learn how to appreciate the value of things.

‘Too many sweets in more than one sense can be the cause of severe bilious attacks! If you indulge those around you and give them all they want, mistaking this to be love, in due course you are likely to create a spiritual bilious attack that will be as uncomfortable for your loved ones as for you. Human motherly love with its maternal instincts in its lowest form expresses itself as possessiveness that has its roots in selfishness. Experiencing this is an inevitable part of humankind’s early earthly education.

‘The higher you move on the evolutionary spiral of life, the more the caring and nurturing Divine aspects of maternal love in both women and men come to the fore of their consciousness and gradually take over their whole being. This kind of love is creative and endlessly giving. It manifests itself in the creation of every new life. In the long evolutionary process that follows each birth Divine love constantly endeavours to assist its creation to become ever more beautiful and perfect. In the case of human beings this is achieved when all aspects of their nature are integrated and working together peacefully and harmoniously, the way they are doing in God.

‘As you mature into spiritual adulthood, you are familiar with your own true nature and why you are taking part in earthly life. In your lifetimes as women or men in which you play the role of a parent, you no longer look at your children as your property. You know that they are not of you, but merely have come through you. This awareness makes it easier for you to steer the youngsters in your charge in the right direction. Because you realise that your children are on the Earth for the same reasons that you are, if their natural gifts * are different from your interests and inclinations, you would not dream of forcing them to follow in your footsteps. Aware that their talents, like yours, are likely to have taken many lifetimes to develop and that with the necessary encouragement in this one they may fully unfold, you do your best to support your children.

‘In some of your lifetimes you appear as a man and on other occasions as a woman. Depending on your Karma and what kind of life lessons are most beneficial for you, you are sometimes required to act the part of a father or a mother. And how does your mind react when you realise that in some of your lifetimes you could have been the son or daughter of the person who is your child in this one? So, enjoy your children as gifts for a time, the same as everything else you are allowed access to in your earthly existence. Glorify and protect Mother Earth, dear Friends, as one of the many physical and spiritual manifestations of the Great Mother of all life. Each one of you, women and men alike, are another one.’
About Children

A woman held her babe against her bosom and said:
‘Speak to us of children’,
And the Prophet replied: ‘Your children are not your children;
They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing to experience itself.
Your children come through you, but they are
Neither of you nor from you;
And although for a time, they are with you,
They do not belong to you.
You may give them your love, but not your thoughts,
For they have to think their own thoughts.

You may house their bodies, but not their souls,
Because they dwell in the house of tomorrow,
Which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
But you will visit it again, when you return to Earth
As a child in future lifetimes.

You may strive to be like them;
Be young and see your world through the eyes of a child again,
But do not seek to make them like you,
For life neither goes backward nor tarries with yesterday.
You are the bows from which life sends forth Its children
As living arrows.

The Divine Archer alone can see their mark and yours
Upon the path of the Infinite.
With His might he bends each one of you into shape,
So that all His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the Archer’s hand be with gladness;
For as much as He loves the arrow that flies,
He loves the bow that is stable.

He particularly loves parents, who give their children roots to grown in
And the freedom to fly when their time has come to do so;
Who as their children grow up, slowly step back and set them free,
Encouraging them to learn from their own experiences,
And to dream their own dreams;
Who do all they can to help their children
To fulfil their own highest potential, not their parents’.

The Archer loves wise parents and teachers,
Who tell the children in their care that they are the children of God
And that therefore one is as precious and unique as the other;
Who respect them because they know that even when a child is still living
In a smaller body than their own, it has nonetheless
Come into our world as a fully developed soul and spirit in its own right,
Who may have a long history of evolution behind it
That could have taken more lifetimes than those of its parents.

Wise parents tell their offspring that they are certainly not some kind
Of appendix of theirs and that they have come into this life
To learn, evolve and grow some more through their own experiences,
The same as they are doing and will always continue to do.
When their children go to school, they point out to them that they are
Learning for themselves and for life itself,
Not only for this lifetime, but for Eternity.
They explain to them the laws of the Universe and that because of this,
Whatever anyone sends out to life has to return to them.
And they teach by their good example that it is necessary
To have some input into this life, before one can expect
To get anything of value from it.

From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931
Lebanese/American poet
Edited by Aquarius

From Healing Corner For Parents And Children’

* * *

I Know You By Heart

Midnights in Winter.
The glowing fire
Lights up your face in orange and gold.
I see your sweet smile
Shine through the darkness,
Its line is etched in my memory,
So I’d know you by heart.

Mornings in April.
Sharing our secrets,
We’d walk until the morning was gone.
We were like children,
Laughing for hours.
The joy you gave me lives on and on.
‘Cos I know you by heart.

I still hear your voice
On warm Summer nights
Whispering like the wind.
You left in Autumn,
The leaves were turning.
I walked down roads of orange and gold.
I saw your sweet smile,
I heard your laughter,
You’re still here beside me every day.

‘Cos I know and still love you by heart.

Eva Cassidy wrote this song for her mother.

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‘I Know You By Heart’

From Healing Corner For Parents And Children’

* * *

The Truth About Parents

I am the Great White Spirit, Your true Father/Mother.
Each one of you is My Child.
Although some of you are as yet unaware of this,
I know all of you and everything about you and your lives.
I am with you always.
Whenever you sit down or get up,
Upon rising in the morning and going to sleep at night,
I am there.

I am familiar with all your ways.
Every hair on your head is numbered and precious,
The same as every flower that blossoms
And every leaf that trembles in the wind.
You are My child and I created you in My image.
I am in you and you are in Me.
There is nothing outside Me or beyond My reach.
Your whole being is part of Me,
As much as I am part of you.

I knew you long before you were conceived into this lifetime.
You have been with Me since before the creation of any worlds.
All your days are written by Me in the great book of life
And your present existence on the Earth plane is no mistake.
I am the One who determines the exact time of your birth,
Where you are going to live and which lessons
You will have to learn in any one of your lifetimes.

You are a miracle and a wonder,
And I was the one who, inside your mother’s womb,
Created your present body for you.
You are not of her or from her and you do not belong to her.
You merely came through her and you belong to Me.
Throughout the whole course of your evolution thus far,
I have been with you.
At the right moment, no matter when this may have been,
I brought you into this world.
I was with you when you were born and I accompany you,
Each time you depart from the earthly plane
And return into the world of light, your true home.

All too often in the past, I have been misunderstood
And misinterpreted – unintentionally but also deliberately –
By you, my human children of the Earth.
This is changing now and ever more of you are
Reawakening to the conscious knowledge of
Their own true nature and Mine.
My love for you is total and unconditional.
Because I love you, I could never be distant or angry with you.
I live inside you – every cell and atom of your physical body
Is filled with Me and My love for you.

This is My way of guiding, protecting and lavishing My love onto
All who willingly pay attention to Me,
Their very own small still voice of conscience within,
Following My calling from within their own heart.
Everything in your life is there only because
It is My will that it should be so.
I have always given you more than earthly parents could ever do.
It is not their predestined role in your life to do the same.
Never expect them to do for you what can only be done by Me,
For I am the perfect parents all of you long and yearn for,
Your true Father/Mother.

Your gifts and talents are your own.
They are not inherited from your parents and ancestors.
They were bestowed upon you by Me, the same as
I constantly meet all your needs. You are the one
Who worked with them and developed them to their present state.
As I love my human children totally, unconditionally and eternally,
My plan for the future of your race has forever been one of hope.
My creative ideas for you and your world are as countless
And beautiful as the grains of sand on the shores of your oceans.

When you are singing, I rejoice and sing with you.
When you are happy, I am glad.
And when you are sad and lonely, so am I.
You are my treasured possession and I will never do anything
That in the final analysis is not good for you.
All your experiences are to help you grow ever more heaven-tall,
To become like Me and fully one again with Me, the way you once were.

I wish to guide each one of you into performing miracles
And doing great and wondrous works.
Those who seek Me, I draw towards Me.
I live in your heart, from where I guide you
And tell you the difference between right and wrong,
Good and evil, falseness and truth.
Love Me with all your heart and soul, with your whole being,
Because I am the One who fulfils all your desires,
So that you may learn from them;
That is why I place them inside your heart in the first place.

In Me all things are possible
And with My help, all conditions can be healed.
With My faith in you and yours in Me,
Mountains of unbelief can be moved and crooked corners made straight.
Life never goes back. It is for all time evolving and moving forwards.
That’s why I ask you to pay attention to every moment of your life.
Refuse to look back, trust the goodness of the life I have created for you,
Accept that it is impossible to go back
And trustingly put one foot in front of the other,
Safe in the knowledge that I am showing you the way.

Know that you are never alone and do not wait until things
Get too rough for you to cope on your own.
Reach out for the blessing, healing and helping hands of
The Angels and Me and let us show you the way.
When in distress, call for Me.
I am the Comforter who comes to you in all your troubles.
When you suffer, I suffer with you.
The more broken-hearted you are, the closer I draw to you.
As a shepherd carries a lamb, I hold each one of you close to My heart.
Times are changing and the day will soon come when
There will no longer be the need for Earth’s suffering.
I am waiting for you to call upon Me to wipe the tears from your eyes
And to heal the wounds of all your lifetimes.

I, your Father/Mother, love each one of you the way
I once revealed to you and your world
Through the legend of Jesus, the Christed one.
His love for humankind was but a reflection and a mere shadow
Of My all encompassing love for you, My beloved children of the Earth.
The legend was given to teach you the nature of My love.
It is total and unconditional, true, unchangeable and eternal.
From this love you, My offspring, were created – it is your true nature.
Because I love you, I am for you and never against you.
I do not count your sins and mistakes,
But I expect you to learn from them and make every effort
To do better next time.
Whether you do or do not, I always forgive you.

The Master’s death on the Cross was a demonstration
To you and your world of the fact that in truth there is no death.
The cross is the oldest symbol known to humankind
Of your earthly sojourns and the Jesus legend
Is a demonstration of how the small and frightened
Earthly self of each one of you must eventually be
Sacrificed and nailed to the cross of earthly life.
Only then can your spirit rise above it
And once again be fully reunited with Me.

This is why I have said to you all along:
‘Listen to and follow the wisdom My gifts of wisdom and truth
I once gave to your world through the stories of the Masters
Who from time to time appeared in your world,
Not merely the one of the Master Jesus but all of them.
The Heavens are celebrating that you and your world
At long last are in the process of shedding
The clouds of darkness and fear of the past that were
Caused by your ignorance of your true nature.
The shadows they have been casting for such a long time
Are in the process of dissolving into the fresh knowledge
That is currently pouring ever more powerfully
Into the collective consciousness of your race,
directly from Me.

Rejoice, My beloved children of the Earth!
For this is your homecoming into the oneness with Me.
Nothing could ever separate any one of you from Me and My love,
For I am Your true Father/Mother
And no earthly parents could ever love you the way I do.
Be still and know that I am alive in you.
I always have been and always will be.
I never left you and I never will.

I, Your loving Father/Mother, am waiting for the call of
All who are ready to receive Me.

* * *​
Healing Prayer For Parents And Children

Forgiveness From The Heart

Any time is a good one for families and for healing the karmically determined and therefore often stressful relationships between parents and their offspring. The year 2018 is one for transformations of many different kinds for us as well as our whole world. For the whole of the year Saturn will not only be contained in its figures 8 = Saturn, the planet will also be in its own sign of Capricorn, so that its influence will be felt with particular strength. It’s always much easier to bring forth a planet’s positive characteristics when it is operating in its own sign. Therefore, the year ahead is going to be a particularly good one for working on the self-mastery and self-discipline we and our world so badly require.

Naturally, these energies can be used beneficially by everything that is taking part in our world, therefore all human relationships. It makes no difference whether someone we would like to make peace with is in our world or has already moved on into the spirit realm. Because on the inner level of life all is one and there is no separation between anything, forgiving and healing that relationship through making peace is always possible. It probably works better from a distance and in our thoughts than face to face. Here are some suggestions of how to approach the matter.​

O Great Spirit, Mother/Father Creator,
Grant me the gift of Your Divine wisdom and forgiveness,
So that I may pardon each and every one
Who ever hurt or wounded me, including myself.
Help me to forgive every cruelty and unkindness
That was ever done to me by anyone, in word, thought and deed.
With hindsight, I can see that all who treated me this way
Supplied me with a special service and were my best teachers,
Because they all helped me to become the one I am now,
And for that, Great Spirit, I truly am thankful.

Thank you for showing us that each one of us is Your child
Whom You have granted the gift of another lifetime on the Earth,
So that we should learn and grow some more,
Each through their own experiences.
Thank you for the Angels, Masters and guides who are
Protecting us and lighting the way back home into the oneness with You.
I rejoice to know that we are all children in the great school of life,
Which You so lovingly have created for us.

I pray for Your forgiveness for the mistakes I have made,
Throughout this whole lifetime and all previous ones.
Help me to draw the learning from them,
So that I may bring forth all that is good and noble within me,
Finding wholeness and healing through becoming
Ever more like You and being closer to You.

As the road of this earthly life is long and difficult
And strewn with many kinds of temptations
Which my earthly self finds hard to resist,
Assist me with being strong in my determination to overcome them.
Help me to accept and love myself the way I am,
Safe in the knowledge that Your great wisdom and love
Created me – and everybody else – in Your Divine image,
And that you love us all totally and unconditionally.

To break the vicious circle of acting against my own best interests
And of being my own worst enemy,
When it comes to solving any problem, help me
To listen to Your help and guidance that comes
From deep within my own heart, where You dwell.
Help me to stop finding fault with myself and those around me,
But to love and accept myself and them they way we are.
Whenever I encounter difficulties, especially in relationships,
Grant me the gift of the ability to first look to myself to resolve them.

Now that I understand that the purpose of life on Earth
Is growth and evolution that leads each and every one of us
To ever higher levels of consciousness,
And knowing that all my experiences only ever happened
Because they meant to teach me something,
I let go of all resentment and grudges I ever
Bore against anyone, including myself.

Help me, Great Spirit, to love wisely, the way You do,
Myself and everything that comes my way,
Knowing that it is part of Your Creation,
That it has been prepared by Your great wisdom and love.
Help us all to dissolve the chains and shackles of Karma that
Have bound us to each other, for so many lifetimes,
So that we may set ourselves and each other free
From the bondages that were created
By the darkness of the ignorance of our true nature of past Ages.

Help us to free our world from all hatred, resentment, envy and greed,
And to fill us and it with Your Divine Wisdom, Power and Love.
My soul yearns to make peace with You and all life,
Because I now so much better understand
You and the processes of the life
You created for us.

* * *

Help me to forgive the mother of this lifetime for any unlovingness
She has shown towards me, knowingly or unknowingly, especially . . .
[Now pour your pain into God, who understands the way of all things]
Help me to forgive her for the times she failed to provide me with
The deep and fully satisfying Mother’s nurturing
That only You, my Divine Mother, can give to any of Your children.
Help me to forgive myself for expecting
Such love from someone who is merely human,
Like myself and who is, therefore, but one of your children,
On her own pathway of evolution and therefore still imperfect.

Help me to forgive the father of this lifetime for any unlovingness
He has shown towards me, knowingly or unknowingly, especially . . .
[Now pour your pain into God, who does understand]
Help me to forgive him for the times he failed to provide me with
The deep and fully satisfying Father’s love,
Forgiveness and understanding that You alone, my Divine Father,
Can feel towards all my efforts.
Help me to forgive myself for expecting
Such love from one who is merely human,
Like myself and who is, therefore, but one of your children,
On his own pathway of evolution and still imperfect.

Help me to forgive my partner for any unlovingness
S/he showed towards me, during the times You have given us together,
Knowingly or unknowingly. Especially . . .
[Now pour your pain into God, who does understand]
Help me to forgive her/him and also myself for
Any hurt and pain we ever caused each other,
For misunderstandings and abuse of any kind,
For not entering into the deep and fully satisfying
Relationship that is only possible between You and me.
Help me to recognise that it is folly to expect such
Perfect love and understanding from a mere human being who,
Like me, is Your child, on her/his own pathway of evolution
And therefore still imperfect.

Continue with this prayer until each and every one,
Who has ever hurt or wounded you, has been forgiven.
Finish off with:

Help me to forgive myself for all false expectations I ever hoped
Could be fulfilled in any of my human relationships,
When this can only be found in You, my Divine Mother/Father.
You are the Divine lover, who is alive in each one of us,
And You alone have the power to know and fulfil all my needs.
All those around me and with me are but outer manifestations of You.
And each one who has ever shared my life with me,
Is Your child and constantly searching the perfect loving relationship
That we can only have with You.

Help me to forgive my children for being [or having been]
Unable to fulfil the unrealistic hopes and dreams I once nurtured,
And that made me long and yearn for them,
Ever since I myself was a child who had to endure the suffering
At the hands of parents and other adults,
Who as yet failed to understand their own true nature and Yours,
And the reason why they were here.
Having no idea about the purpose and meaning of this life,
How could they understand me?

Thank You for allowing me access to the knowledge that
The children who came through me are not my children but Yours
And that they are in this life to fulfil their own Dreams
And reach their own Highest potential, not mine.
Like me, they are hoping to re-learn to walk
Hand in hand with You and the Angels, the way we all once did.

Help me, Great Spirit, to forgive myself and all those
Who ever hurt and wounded me for the suffering we,
In the ignorance of our true nature,
Inflicted upon each other, in the course of many lifetimes.
Help us all to set each other free.

Hand in hand with You and the Angels,
I release all those who have ever shared my life
From the Karmic chains and shackles of all lifetimes,
I forgive each and every one and set them free, now.
May the bonds that exist between us be transmuted into those of
True siblinghood, friendship and love,
For You, each other and the world You so lovingly
Brought into being for us, and re-create anew each day to our joy.

With my whole being, with all my heart and soul,
Mind, body and spirit I thank You for the gift of this life.
May the blessing and healing Power of Your Spirit
Now freely flow through me and all those mentioned in my prayer.
I love You with all my heart and soul and my whole being,
And I trust the blessing and healing power of
Your Divine Fatherly/Motherly wisdom and love
To bless and heal the wounds of all lifetimes in me and all life.


* * *​
What Do Our Children Learn At School?

Well, what do they learn?
That two and two make four,
And Paris is the Capital of France,
But where and when are they going to learn
Who and what all of us truly are?
Why don’t we ourselves ask them:
‘Do you know who you are?’
When they say they don’t know, tell them
‘You are a unique marvel – every human being is.
There is no-one in the whole of Creation,
Who is exactly like you or me.

What’s more, during all the millions of years
That have come and gone, since humankind
First appeared on the Earth,
In the long course of its evolution,
And however many more years of this are still to come,
There has never been another being like you and me,
And there never will be.

Humankind eagerly searches for miracles and
Loves to dig deep into all kinds of mysteries.
Why then is it so hard for us to recognise
That we are the greatest mystery of all and
That the physical bodies each one of us is living in
Is one of the greatest wonders of our world?
This means every one of us has been born
Into their own private marvel.
Take a good look at your whole body,
Your arms, hands and fingers, legs, feet and toes.
See how cleverly everything moves and works together?
It’s nothing short of a magnificent work of art and
A masterpiece of engineering.
Don’t you think that’s worthy of calling a miracle, my child?

As you grow up, you will sometimes be in danger
Of despairing about the state of our world.
I say: ‘Don’t!’ You are here to do your share
Of making it a better place for all its lifeforms.
We humans are allowed freedom of choice
And this includes our behaviour.
Yours, the same as mine and everybody else’s,
Is never accidental, but chosen.
It is up to us how we react to those around us
And which way we behave, at any given moment.
When finally everybody knows this and acts on their knowledge,
Everybody’s behaviour will always be a conscious choice.
We shall then have freed ourselves and our world
From the ignorance of many lifetimes with which
All of us together created the present conditions in our world.

This is not an easy task because each one of us has
Brought into their present lifetime
Many thinking and behaviour patterns
From previous ones, which by now have become so
Deeply ingrained in our consciousness
That shedding them is difficult.
Yet, it can and has to be done.
Rejoice, my child, you have been born at a good time,
A time of transformation and renewal of the Earth
And all its inhabitants.
This is our opportunity for helping to bring into being
A new world that comes ever closer to the visions
We can at present see only in our dreams:
A world where all live together in peace and harmony,
Where violence, cruelty and unkindness are no longer known.
Hold onto this mental picture, think about it often and know
Deep down in your heart that one day it will come true.

As I told you earlier, we have been given freedom of choice
And that in truth is the only real freedom we earthlings have.
Life constantly presents us with choices and it’s
Of the greatest importance that you, my child,
Learn to choose wisely and strive to be true to your real self.
Our Divine Mother/Father wants us to grow and evolve
Into ever more beautiful beings
And that is the only way this is possible.
Everybody’s potential is unlimited and we have the right
To aim for becoming someone like one of your ideals,
Maybe Mother Theresa, Saint Joan of Arc,
Shakespeare, Michelangelo or Beethoven.

Each one of us living in their own physical body
Creates the illusion that we are all separate from each other.
Don’t allow this to fool you, my child,
As nothing could be further from the truth.
All life is one big family and on the inner level
In spirit we are all one.
Because of this, when we hurt one,
We hurt everybody, including ourselves.
Knowing that and also that each is a miracle
And a unique marvel, just like you are, my child,
Could you ever hurt or harm another?

Life is a precious gift and you have received this lifetime
So that you may learn that we are all on the Earth
For good and wise reasons, and that is
Learning, individually and as a race,
To love wisely, to cherish, help and support each other.
We are all responsible for ourselves and our world.
We need to work together and everybody has to do their own bit
Of making our world a better place for everything that shares it with us;
A world that is worthy of all its children, including humankind.
For all of us are the beloved children of the
Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
And their only born Son, the Light of all lights,
And the Sun behind and above all Suns.

Pablo Casals
Adapted by Aquarius

* * *​

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