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  1. not that anyone will read and reply to these, but just putting it out there in case something does happen to me...

    Wall flower

    It's not that I'm mute
    You just don't hear my silent screams
    as I struggle to only fail the exams
    wondering if a solution is dilute

    so I sit and watch the down pour of rain
    wondering if it will wash away the pain
    life blooms around me
    as I ponder all the happy faces I see

    the only one left behind
    can't keep up with the crowd
    my troubles no one comprehend
    it's like I wear an invisible shroud

    perhaps it's just me to think this is unjust
    perhaps I just need more time to adjust
    my skies are constantly cloudy and dark
    my life won't ever leave a mark

    author's explanations: I wrote this (wall flower) because I didn't have any friends in college and was feeling really depressed this year as a freshmen. all the other freshmen looked so happy and were doing really well. So i wrote this.

    Merely going through the motions of life
    My body turned to automatic dial
    My mind wandering in alternate reality
    Looking at me you don't know I'm just a shell

    There's nothing left of me
    My mind is emptied of all emotions
    My soul's black hole left to expand
    feeling myself fading away

    There's nothing else to say
    This might be the last page in my book
    or merely the next chapter
    right now I'm too apathetic to decide
    Just let it take its own course
    Lying down in my dark abyss
    No one seeks me here in my refuge
    Always in a sea of loneliness
    The words "save me" I suppress

    Author's explanation: self explanatory, I was severally depressed.

    Apathy aplenty
    Everything going askew in my life
    I'm just too tired to care
    Hiding away where I'm safe
    There's just too much to bear

    Never measuring up to my expectations
    Sick and tired of the comparisons
    Sinking into self doubt
    Drowning in self hatred

    Will I be able to save myself this time?
    Need to find the courage to go on
    Tired of life always constant, always the same
    Perhaps I won't live on

    Searching for an effervescent hope
    Somehow I'll manage to cope
    Waiting for an answer that will never come
    Happiness is exclusively granted only to some

    Author's explanation: again, just depressed.

    So many of my emotions I suppress:
    Jealousy, anger, disappointments
    Maybe that's why there's so much stress
    Maybe it is my over commitments

    I want to run away from my responsibility
    Yet I can't escape the shackles of reality
    In the end I'll shoulder the onerous task
    And put on my perfect, grinning mask

    Author's explanation: this was in high school where I pretened to be the perfect girl who had it all. In a way, I did have it all, the friends, grades, admirations, leadership positions, loving family...

    Mirror of perfection
    I turn my face away
    When I look in the mirror everyday
    Perhaps I've seen too many magazine ads
    Perhaps I've been through too many fashion fads
    But everywhere I turn I see my imperfection
    Maybe it is someone else's reflection

    Why is it I can't look in the mirror?
    Is it because of what I fear?
    That I don't measure up to expectations?
    That I have too many limitations?

    Why do we compare ourselves to others
    No longer are our looks from our mothers
    But they are instead from knives
    Tearing apart our lives
    When will the search for perfection stop?
    Certainly not until we are all on top

    author's explanation: this was written in reaction to the media pressure to getting thing and having plastic surgeries to look beautiful...

    Fountain of tears
    I sit alone waiting for tomorrow
    Tears trying to wash away my sorrow
    Like wind and water trying to erode mountains
    They create useless water fountains
    So I hide my thoughts, put them out of sight
    Like the sun hiding beneath the sea each night
    The turmoil and emotions tormenting my mind
    Like the waves crashing upon the sand
    My tears, no one will ever see
    Just like treasures lost in the deep blue sea

    author's explanation: I really like this poem, it was written when I was a sophmore in high school.

    there you have it, now they will survive, even if i don't.
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