A complete disgrace

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  1. Computer probs had me quitting my postin at any forum... & I thought "I can't go back ... I feel like I've made myself look bad.... even horrible & too stupid to even be anywhere on the net" Prime example that you probably never knew is I have my own excoboard that I made way before I knew there was a SF..... dedicated to .... you guessed it..... suicide prevention/making friends, it's named HorribleNightsAlive and the address is so long you'll never get it...... I'm 1 out of a list of many different message boards, suited to so many different purposes I can't even begin to comprehend it all.... I think that I'm #2,717 on the list. The main catagory even has the non-register posting feature of SF's "The Uncertainty Principle" did not create the board for fun..... I thought my idea was origininal.....in a kinda/sorta way. I should have known better..... I feel like the idiot fool that I know myself to be, alot of the time. I only wanted to help others...... but maybe there is an option here:

    1 = post a link to here
    2 = Delete & change the purpose of it
    3 = Erase/delete/forget about it entirely

    The only help I have been able to give on it are links to proffessional help sites & a link to a site where you can take a test to find out if your thoughts are considered suicidal or not..... and that's not the only example:
    1= Told some netfriends I was not/never suicidal at all--LIAR-- then quite moronically posted the HorribleNightsAlive web address. There they have read the truth by now anyway, who knows what they think of me now. I my pc's been down for so long everyone must think I killed myself!
    2= Even here I've made myself look bad!!? The name of the game is supposed to be suicidal not homocidal.... feel that I look like a maniac to you ppl!!!!!????
    3= Misspelled the name of a band that I like. Yet I did it because it's like postin a method if I spell it correctly.