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    Wouldn't that be great? It's what I actual want. It dawned on me that in my life, whatever I achieve, someone else from our species has done it. So im just treding the same ground more or less that someone else did (... Im not smart, so warehouse work and shit like that is my future).

    Then I was thinking, what if we had some sort of contact or communication deep from with an unknown void. It'd expand the mental possibilities of how something could be in that unknown, what else is in there, and well yeah.

    I donno. It's not coming out like it did in myhead last night. When I write it sounds like a bad startrek episode or something. Bah.. im so bored, i wish something would destroy our concrete foundations on reality sometimes.
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    I like that video, it expressed a lot of my views in better words than i could have ever expressed...
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    But doesn’t address the deeper issues such as love (the lack of) and suffering (how to finish it).
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