a couple of my poems i just wrote just now

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    * sorry for this one if its not as good as the other ones. im just really distracted at the moment.
    he grabs the razor
    and places it in his hands
    getting ready
    to go to that faraway land
    and many thoughts
    running through his head
    and all he wants
    is to be dead
    he puts it to his wrists
    watches as his blood flows red
    he sits and cries
    all alone on his bed
    now he relizes that
    his fate has been sealed
    he just wishes
    that he could be healed
    now everythings is becoming dark
    as he relizes that its to late
    for death has left its mark
    and he's doomed his own fate
    now as the time passes by
    all he does is sit there and lye
    for his last words were
    "goodbye cruel world goodbye"

    Depression hurts
    inside and out.
    On the inside your heart tears
    And it starts to bleed,
    You feel the pain
    And you have the need.
    Outside you drag the knife
    Accross bare flesh,
    You feel the relief
    But the scars are sketched.
    Back inside you cry
    Because the marks will remain,
    But you're also calm now
    and feel no pain.
    Depression hurts
    No matter what
    Depression follows
    Even after the cuts.
    Depression may go,
    but the memories will stay forever.

    A depression so deep it finds a way into the Soul,
    and travels through every pore of your Heart.
    A depression so large it encompasses every bit
    of your Reality,
    and leaves Reality a cloudy memory.
    A depression so dense it compresses every will
    you once had,
    and bows you down to accept it as it's own.
    A depression so devious it takes you piece by piece,
    and consumes each piece day by day.
    A depression so truly disheartening,
    and leaves you no other emotions.
    A depression so dangerous,
    it slaughters,
    of you.

    Depression in so many
    It's always so sad to see
    The numbers are uncanny
    Just take a look at me
    So many in pain unseen
    As depression numbers rise
    Sometimes life can be so mean
    Just look into my eyes
    Afraid to go home
    Don't know how to deal
    You're feeling so alone
    This is how I feel

    Some days I just wish
    That I could run and hide
    No matter where I go
    It seems like the only way out is suicide
    My life doesn’t seem worth it
    All of this pain and suffering
    I don’t want to be here anymore
    The only way out is suicide
    Nobody can help me
    I can’t fix myself
    Nobody knows the real me
    The only way out is suicide
    I put on this persona
    Of a happy person
    When I am actually miserable
    The only way out is suicide
    All I have ever wanted
    Is to be loved and accepted
    But you don’t love and accept me
    The only way out is suicide
    I hate you
    Look what you did to me
    You killed my spirit, you broke my heart
    Because of you, I am empty inside
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