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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by xtufpa, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. xtufpa

    xtufpa Well-Known Member

    Hello, havent been to SF for a while and now back I am :)

    I have few questions again that are on my mind for quite some time and finnaly I decided to ask. I would really like to get some help with those questions so if anyone would be so kind please read whole thread :)

    So let me tell you a little bit about myself. Im 19 (soon to be 20) years old and I live in Slovenia. Due to the lack of schools that I am interested in I went to a school that Im not really passionate about and didnt made much of that. Im just trying to say that I have very low education level. I speak 2 languages (Slovenian and English), where my English is not perfect as its not my first language and Im not using it much beside on the internet. I finished school about 2 years ago and since then I couldnt find a job. Its not due to beeing lazy, its because my low education level and very high unemployment level in Slovenia. But I spent a lot of my time reading books, trying out things (mostly on computer), and learning things. So I do have some skills, I am very good with computers and I do know some stuff about business. So that was short about me, now lets move on :)

    Ok, so for many years I am dreaming of moving out of my country. There are many things I dont like about it, for example...people arent really nice and that bothers me a lot, not so many opportunities, very high unemployment, very low pays (most people earn about $10.000 - $13.000, I saw many countries where students get paid more then that), messed up laws, sooo many holes in law and there are many more things. Since I have dreams and goals I dont want to be stuck here but instead move out, find better place and actually start living my life. I have lots of knowledge, ideas, will to learn and improve (also I am very hard working and fast learning person) which I cant really use here.

    I would be more then ready to go back to school and work at the same time to support myself. Now here are few "problems" I see with all that. My english is not perfect so I dont know how that would go with school (I understand English, I can write, speak and listen, but sometimes I dont understand all the words).

    And now I would like to ask for some help. I would really like to hear opinion from you, your recommendations.

    So...thats pretty much it, I hope its understandable :) Mostly likely I have missed tons of stuff, but I will be adding as the thread gets more answers and questions.
  2. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    Your English is good! I think you must have worked hard to learn and practice it to do so well. That's an accomplishment you can be proud of!

    What is your education in so far? What else would you like to add to it, if you went back to school? Do you know what school/program and country you would want to study in?

    You say you have dreams and goals...What are those like? Where would you like to be in five years from now...and doing what?

    Sorry, that's a lot of questions. However, they are questions I'd ask myself if I wanted to head in a new direction. I'm very excited for you! Good luck! :smile:
  3. xtufpa

    xtufpa Well-Known Member

    Hey, first I would like to thank you for the complement :) So here is the first thing I forgot in my first post. I like English very much and I am always looking to improve it and work on it.

    So about school...I have high school (very low level program). And about getting back to school...Im not really sure what field would I go for (there are few fields that I am very interested in, cant really decide which one I would like the most. It is a problem that Im having for quite some time now and I would really like to get this clear). Also I am not really sure about the country I would study in, first I would like to hear few opinions from you people (I really like USA, Canada and Australia).

    Well I have many dreams and goals. Let me start this by saying that most Slovenians have very low goals. They get a job, buy a car, house and thats it. Work in that job, go to parties, get better car and repeat. But I am not that way. I dont want to work just to pay for the rent, car and some money to spend in club. I want to invest money, start business and improve myself. I have read many books and watched many videos and movies about investing and business. I have many ideas that I want to implement, have lots of knowledge in that field and always looking to learn more. But not many possibilities in this country.

    Few years from now I see myself in another country working in a company where I can put my knowledge and skills to use, where I can learn and improve, and doing what I like doing. Also in free time working on my own business.

    Dont apologize for questions, thanks for asking. It feels good answering them so you can understand my position more :) So...if you have any more please ask :)
  4. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    Hiya. Lots of members here from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

    Also, different countries have different rules for allowing students to come and study, and whether or not they can stay when their studies are done. You could write to the Immigration Departments of the US, UK, Canadian, and Australian embassies to find out...It might even be online for these countries.

    What sorts of things do you think you might like to study and then work at? Maybe once you have a few of those ideas jotted down, you could look up colleges and universities in the countries you think you'd like to study in and see if they offer courses/programs in your areas of interest.

    If I were thinking of moving to a new country to study, I would also want to consider things like the cost of the program of study, rent, food. Tuition for foreign students can sometimes be high, but sometimes there are scholarships.

    I think you have lots of options to explore before making any firm decisions. If you are not sure what you want to study or work at, you might want to do some of the career/interest/aptitude and assessment tests, such as the Myer-Briggs Personality test and look at books such as What Color is Your Parachute? They help people figure out what sorts of work and interests satisfy them. Here's a link to some information.

    Because all of this requires a lot of change, be sure you take the time YOU need to look at and think about all these things. :smile:
  5. xtufpa

    xtufpa Well-Known Member

    Hello, thank you very much for the reply and everything you provided :)

    So at this point in my life I am not really sure about few things. The biggest one is what I actually want to do. I know things that makes me happy, that I enjoy doing, but cant decide which one makes me happy and I enjoy most. This may be also because I havent tried. I cant even volunteer in those fields to see how I like it, mostly because this country is so small and not many opportunities.

    The second big one is where I want to live. I know there are many countries out there and I cant really decide where do I really want to live. Im not talking about moving next month, but working on getting there step by step. I am mainly thinking about English speaking countries since its the only language I speak beside Slovenian, and I also like the language :) So my top 3 places are...Australia (very good economy, nice country), Canada (nice people, beautifull country, good system) and USA (land of opportunities, size, business, freedom of choice). Now I dont speak that from experiences but from from what I have heard from others, read and saw (TV, internet...). I would really like to hear more about those countries as well about other good countries worth considering.

    Of course there are many more things that I am very confused about, but I would really like to work out those 2 for now so I can plan further, see possibilities and things like that.

    Again, thanks a lot for all the questions and help, it really means a lot to me :)
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