A Cruel World

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    My hatred of the world grows more as I see corruption lay waste to the innocent. My heart aches for those that have been cursed by the cruel. Watching as leaders go to war over personal greed, where many lives are lost for an unjust cause. Being raped, torchered, bullied for ones personal pleasure. Animal cruelty, racial hate, religious corruption. To have society teach us that perfection is everything. Being bullied because we aren't up to their standards. It hurts to feel physical and emotional abuse by those that are supposed to love you. To cut, drink, do drugs, or any other means of self harm is considered to be low and pathetic. You are rejected by all. and thought to be mentally insane. And yet a mental hospital isn't at all the best solution. But tell me, what do they know? Sad thing is that most of these cruel people will never come to a realization that they themselves are pathetic. This is why I'd go to such length to say **** the world. And yet I am not immune to see the good in this world. I know I'm not alone here, but to share my feelings does help in a small way.
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    It's true that the world can be a cruel place, with cruel people, but I remind myself of the good things in life and that helps. If I didn't think there was any good in the world, I wouldn't still be in it.
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    There's lot of cruel and heartless people out there in the world. I also remind you of the good things in life that makes it all worth it in the end. I find myself better off being here in SF than I do else where because people here are kind and supportive. I don't know what I would do if I didn't find this place... I'm glad that you know your not alone, and that your opening up your feelings a little bit. I also agree with you on the mental hospital. My family wants me in one almost 24/7 except for the few that are actually on my side that actually care for me at the moment. I don't see the mental hospital as being the best solution - but rather as the last resort when you think your really close to the edge. Mental Hospitals do offer lots of programs of support however your always watched and have no essential freedoms as you would when you out of one. Restrains and Seclusion are luckily not a from of treatment anymore however they can still be used as a last resort when you don't cooperate or incoherent... I hope that you can continue sharing your feelings, thoughts, and emotions with us. Remember that your not pathetic or worthless because your special and there are people here that care. It's good that you know that your not alone. :hug: