A Cry Of A Gothic Vampiress

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  1. Well, not really loved lol But, I know it's more than "like". There was a man who used to work as the bus driver of the DASH and we didn't really talk or anything. I was going through a very rough time with my mother at that time, so I didn't really find anything worth smiling at. At that time, of course. Now, I know. Him. I know this is so stupid, but I really, really, REALLLLLLLLLY liked him like hell. I still remember him clearly when ever I close my eyes. He had dark sunglasses, his hair was black and it was cut in a round-ish haircut. His eyes were black as night. He left on December and I never saw him again. Now, every time, I see a DASH, or even HEAR the word, DASH, my stomach feels as though it's been punched. Tears well up in my eyes. And I start to hold my stomach. Because if I don't wrap my arms around it, it feels like it's gonna explode. I am still hoping that he will come back. I don't want to let him go. Ever :( I know, he was the one. We had this.......weird connection that I never felt before and I always wanted a strong connection with someone else. And he was that for me. It's very hard for me at night. That's when it gets harder for me. That's when the agony eats me whole :(