A Darker Path

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  1. twowolves80

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    My journey began
    on a broken road,
    I learned to fall
    before I learned to stand.

    And at every fork
    in the buckled street
    I always seemed to find
    my feet on the path
    that lead me farther
    from where I wanted to be.

    Yet I could still see
    those other paths,
    glittering spitefully
    as though mocking me,
    taunting me with visions
    of what might have been.

    Now, I sit in my ivory tower,
    looking out of my twenty four inch
    high definition windows,
    gazing lustfully
    at whatever catches my eye,
    like some debauched god,
    reaching out to satisfy,
    to gratify
    the burning desire
    to consume all I find beautiful,
    touching, testing, tasting, devouring,
    seeking others to share
    my addiction,
    their pleasure my drug.

    Yet still, those other paths
    call to me,
    and I gaze longingly at them,
    wishing I could be on them,
    instead of the unlit road
    I chose so long ago
    in foolish haste.

    Those roads were not for me,
    my footpaths lead to perdition,
    and I walk alone,
    even as it tears me
    and I realize
    I am already there.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.