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a decade of this

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This pain inside is just too much,
I tried to hide, I tried to run,
I changed who I am,
by name as such,
but still they hunt,
their evil cult,
they rip, they bleed,
they cut, they bite,
they rearrange my mind,
tear my apart from life.

They tell me to leave,
your not wanted here,
to no one your loved,
to no one your dear,
she cries only at night,
when surrounded holds it in so tight,
she thought she had friends,
confided like you would,
but they turned their backs,
disbelief and called her a mug.

she tried to fight,
to sort herself out,
Its not enough though,
they tare her apart with all their might.
the beatings, the rape,
the torture on tape,
from the age of ten,
a decade spent,
being their toy,
being their joy,
a disgusting habit,
they loved to destroy,
her hope, her faith,
now she's empty

she spends this night,
suffocating her body,
the oxygen's lacking,
she was never somebody,
worthless and frail,
empty and pail,
she's dead inside already,
hurt and betrayal.

You were meant to be my friends,
the ones I loved, the ones I'd defend,
but you push me more than over the edge,
you spread your lies, your twisted words,
told me to off it if it was what I want so,
so here I tell you you made me realise,
I have nothing and no one,
but professionals in life,
so for me and this world,
its goodbye and goodnight.
Hey Kelly,you sound like your at the end of your tether but if you wanna talk there's plenty here that will listen and maybe ease your pain
You will find understanding and most likely some who will identify with what your going through.
My thoughts go out to you x
Not open for further replies.

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