A dedicated thread for those who will be alone this Christmas!

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Someone suggested making a thread like this and I think it was a good suggestion so people will feel less alone at Christmas and have someone to talk to here on Christmas day and throughout the holidays.

Please do join in if you will be alone this Christmas and you'll realise you're really not alone. SF is open all though the holidays! ;)

I wish you a merry Christmas and prosperous new year. Feel free to post, share, chat, support, whatever you'd like to do :)

Have a safe holiday!


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Thanks @Sunday16 for the laugh:p
Thanks @Petal for the thread.

Just want to tell anyone who is alone on Christmas that I will be too and i was alone on Thanksgiving. I didn't say anything then about being alone on the forum, so I suspect there are even more who do not mention it. It is embarrassing to me. Anyway, thought I would be the first here to say u are not alone being alone.

If your family is anything like mine u prefer to be alone than with them anyday anyway. Planned on having my own family, but it didn't work out. I am very isolated due to illnesses, alone everyday, have very little human contact and extreme loneliness. U don't have to share why if u dont want to of course. I just wanted to share in hopes of finding someone else who can relate. Whatever the reason is for u being alone just know there are others too and we are always here for u at SF and we do care.

It did help me to be here on Thanksgiving and i will be here on Christmas. If anyone wants to talk feel free to PM me. Wish everyone many blessings and best wishes always<3


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Thanks to all of you who make SF what it is, a safe haven for anyone who is hurting or lonely to just be themselves and receive the friendship and support they deserve. This Xmas, let's all come together like the family we are to reach out to all our members who will be alone and let them know that they matter to us and are cared for. Please drop by to say hello, especially our newer members, and those who have been here longer but don't post so often

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I'm not embarrassed to say that I'll be alone this Christmas - fell out with my family in 1995 after my father's funeral and never reconciled. I've been invited to a party but won't be going...it's really just another Monday.


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My thought for the holidays has to do with why I'm here and what I talk about so much here usually in a bit of desperation. It is as follows: Today is the third day in a row that I have stopped my tormenter (that lives in me/whatever it be aka my hijacker) from having me do what is generally called self harm. I haven't been perfect but it's been 3 days of fighting it and winning. (And I've been self harming for years like there was no hope in sight. So even 3 days is a victory). Happiness and Peace can be found. Even at the worst of times winning is possible. I guess that is why I'm alive. So here! Happy holidays, Sensational Seasons. Persevere! Your Friend extraterrestrialone
Loved the image of the cats and made me smile as mine managed to pull down my friends entire tree while they were taking care of him..
Shadow before the tree fell....

.so now that have a dog...just know this is in Shatshu's thoughts as saw her eyeing christmas treats...

Everyone please take to heart that you aren't alone...as SF is a family in the true sense of the word ---one which I feel so lucky to have found....sending you all hugs....
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