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a dream i had

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I once had a dream not too long ago that i still remember vividly. It started out with me driving to a house with a friend one that i like very much. we go inside and my friend tells me that she is gonna live here forever cause she doesnt deserve to be around people. i naturally try and talk her out of it telling her how much i need her but she doesnt listen. i then go outside and for some reason i am in a line for a rollercoaster ride and i am talkin to friends. when i turn around i notice one friend behind me and i make fun of them. i am then standing in the middle of the desseret where there is a huge parking lot with lots of cars and a huge concrete platform infront of me and lots and lots of people there. all these people are people that i have met before. i start talking to the people and i notice that they all carry certain traits of me in them. i also notice that the people that i am friendly with the person the more i care the most about carry the traits that i try and hide the most. so eventually i look to the right and i see a girl, the same girl that i really like a lot, the one in the begining of the dream, all alone away from everyone else. i go talk to her and i am afraid cause i care about her the most and i already know what part of me she is. she is the part of me that wants to me to kill myself she tells me that she is gonna stay here forever and she is gonna die cause she doesnt want to live anymore and that no one will notice. this is one of the scariest dreams i have ever had i really dont like seing myself cause i dont like who i am and it really scared me especailly seing the people i cared most about with the worst parts of me.
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